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Announcements: New membership options (starting Nov. 1st)!!

  • ​Parent/Guardian Fitness Membership add-on.
    • Please note: to qualify for this add-on, someone in your household must already be an All-Access Member at The Lab. 
    • Get 24/7 access, just like your kids. Why go to another gym, get your work in while your kid(s) are training or come by yourself when it's convienent for you! Get access to our current fitness room and coming soon...upper level cardio room.
      • $15 per month for single
      • $25 for couple
  • All Access Standard + Cages option = $39 


Welcome to the registration page for memberships at The Lab Athletic. To complete this process, you will be required to pay your first month's membership fee upfront, plus the enrollment fee (for all members), and then in monthly installments going forward.

Please note: If you are signing up as part of a promotion, your prices may vary from what's shown below.

*Person registering must be 18 years or older and accept all terms of the agreement within. This contract is legally binding, so please ensure you read and understand everything within.

Availability: we will do our best to have at least one half court open for members whenever possible. During regular business hours (8AM -9PM), there will be times when the gym has reached capacity, due to training sessions/team practices. From 9PM - 8AM (7 days a week), members take precendence in terms of gym space. In other words, except on very rare occassions (i.e., building maintenance, large camps, etc.), there will always be open gym space for our members after-hours and on weekends.

Youth group training and/or team rentals come first during the following days and times: M-F 5-9pm, Sat 8am-2pm, and Sun 2-9pm. Please ensure you check the "Member Availability Schedule" below the "Memberships" tab on our website prior to your arrival. Reservations will be listed there. Days and times are subject to change.

Please Note: Full-court games are allowed ONLY if there's adequate space for all members present. In other words, if there are only two hoops available and a member(s) does not want to participate in a game, the game must move to half-court so the other member can use the other hoop. If only one hoop is available, games are not permitted!

All-Access Standard Membership options:

Pricing Information

  • $29 ind. (plus tax and processing fee) - Month to Month (no annual contract required) *requires 30-day notice to cancel
    • +$20 (plus tax and processing) for each additional member
    • +$39.99 one-time enrollment/registration fee per member
  • Standard + Cages = $39 ind. (plus tax and processing fee) - Month to Month no annual contract required) *requires 30-day notice to cancel
    • +$25 (plus tax and processing) for each additional member
    • +$39.99 one-time enrollment/registration fee per member

What's Included?

  • After-hours access card/fob
  • Unlimited use of the following (when available):
    • Basketball courts
    • Strength/Weight training equipment
    • Turf
  • Cages/Tunnels included with "Standard + Cages" option

*Prices are subject to change with month to month membership

All-Access Premium Membership options:

Pricing Information

  • $59 ind. (plus tax and processing fees) - Month to Month (no annual contract required) *requires 30-day notice to cancel
    • +$30 (plus tax and processing) for each additional member
    • +$39.99 one-time enrollment/registration fee per member

What's included?

  • Everything in the "Standard" membership plus...
  • Unlimited use of Dr. Dish shooting machines (when available) - email after registration to receive code to use Dr. Dish machines.
  • Unlimited use of batting cages and throwing tunnels (when available)
    • See notes about availability above
  • Access to exclusive "member only" discounts, programs, and promotions

Important Notes:

  • When unstaffed:
    • Under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult who assumes full responsibility of minor and have full parental/guardian consent.
    • Under 18 MUST have parental/guardian consent (consent assumed by signing of waiver on behalf of your child)
  • Each participant must sign an additional waiver specific to the all-access membership
  • Each person using the facility would need their own FOB or smart phone app and must scan in for security purposes. Sharing of fobs/smart phone app is NEVER allowed
    • If parent is only supervising their child and they will not be using the ameneties themselves, they do NOT need their own membership.

Next Steps:

  • Once you've signed up for your membership(s), please email us at to setup a time to get setup with your smartphone app, during regular business hours. Until you get setup, you will not be able to use the facilities after-hours.
  • Premium members, please email us for the Dr. Dish shooting machine access code.
  • Please read "Membership Policies" under the "Memberships" tab of our home page.