Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training (SPT)

Nikki Conant, MS.

Exercise Physiologist

Nikki received both her Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Western Illinois University, where she graduated Cum Laude. She has over 25 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry. Nikki pulls from a wide range of knowledge, training and life experience. She competed on the national, world, and professional level in sports for 13 years: winning 3 World Powerlifting Championships, the Pan American Games in Ju-Jitsu, and the National Golden Gloves in boxing. She finished her sports career  boxing as a professional.

Nikki has a passion for working with youth athletes focusing on technique, progression of training and proper mechanics. She believes in building a strong solid foundation that prepares the athlete to take on the next level of training and competition. She trains athletes to be efficient, effective  and biomechanically sound.


Antawan Walker, USAW1 ,CSCS (2019) ​ - Strength & Conditioning / Athletic Performance Coach

Born and raised in Riviera Beach, Florida Antawan was quickly introduced to competing against some of the best athletes in the country.
After a stellar Football and Track career at University of Wisconsin Stout. Antawan received All Conference WIAC awards and was invited to attend multiple NFL and Arena League tryouts. Falling short of making a professional roster, Antawan earned is USAW1 and continuing education obtaining his CSCS to support athletes at a very high level. 
Antawan’s training philosophy is to “have our athletes dominate the end of the game or match, by applying consistent foundation of technique in the weight room. In return our athletes have become bigger, faster and stronger than their opponents”
Prior Experience:
● Park Center HS - Head Strength and Conditioning (14 Varsity Sports)
● Head Track and Field Coach / Varsity Football Coach
● Director of Sport Performance​ (Game Face Training /Untamed Training System)
● 5 + Years in the private training sector: 
50 + All Americans  Athletes 
100 + D1/D2/ D3 Athletes
Training ​Speciality:​
Strength and Conditioning, SAQ ( Speed, Agility and Quickness) Return to Competition and Corrective Exercise/ ACL Rehab
(Starting May 6th, 2019) Oscar Booth ​ - Strength & Conditioning / Athletic Performance Coach

Oscar is a Minnesota native through and through, born and raised in Minneapolis. No stranger to the competition of the inner city’s basketball programs, he shifted to the work happening behind the scenes. The grind, as he says, is every bit as important as the game itself — no matter the sport.

Helping both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams at DeLaSalle High School succeed in their 2019 State Title chase, he’s become a very well-rounded trainer. In his work with football programs as well, his training philosophy has stayed solid. “Athlete-Specific”. He prides himself in his ability to help athletes move freely and efficiently, all while making progress towards their strength and power goals.

Experience & Education

  • DeLaSalle Girl’s Basketball Head Strength & Conditioning coach
  • DeLaSalle Football Head Strength & Conditioning coach

Plans & pursuits for the future

  • BS in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Athletic Training
  • MS in Exercise Physiology OR Athletic Training

Athlete-Specific Training

With each athlete in mind, this philosophy creates unlimited potential for results by training for what they need individually — instead of what every other player in their sport needs.