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Thank you for your interest in our gym! We hope that you have found something that interests you and want more information about us!

If there are ever any questions, feel free to flip us a call at (715)252-9134!

This section is for various information about the gym and what we offer. Session info is also available for those wishing to become a part of our competitive teams. Feel free to contact Debbie Russell with any questions or if you need more information.

Annual Registration Fee

An annual $42.00 non-refundable insurance*/ registration fee is required of each student taking part in any weekly scheduled classes. This fee includes a membership to our gym.


(*In the event of injury, Russell Gymnastics' insurance is the secondary insurance.)

Trial Classes

Russell Gymnastics offers a one-time trial class for new students. You must call the office to schedule this class. There is a $20 fee for a one hour Trial Class.  If the trial is for a class more than an hour it would be $18 per hour.

Make-up Classes

Two make-up classes per billing period. WE DO NOT credit or refund for missed classes. Due to different levels of teams we do not allow make-ups for the Team Trac. Consideration will be made for extended illness. Contact the office for details.

Snow Days

Russell Gymnastics will post on our webpage if we cancel due to bad weather.  Also all cancellations will be shared on our facebook page.  If you are not sure you are welcome to call.

Proper Attire

Active wear, clothing that will not restrict movement. Leotards, shorts with t-shirts, warm-up pants with t-shirts are acceptable. Long hair needs to be tied back. No belts, jeans, jewelry, dresses/skirts, tights or socks. Thank you for respecting our safety policies in this matter.

Session Operation

Our gym operates on a grouped session basis.

Rec classes:

Fall Session (12 weeks),

Winter Session (14 weeks)

Spring Session (12 weeks). Summer Session (10weeks).

Team Trac:

September - May  (38 weeks)

Summer  (10 weeks)


Gym Closings

Our gym will be closed on some of the nationally recognized holidays. If your child is scheduled for a regular class during one of the holiday closings, be sure to schedule a make-up date for the missed class.  

Team trac:  We have excluded all holidays in our payment schedule.  

For weather related closings please check our home-page.  We will post any cancellations as early as possible.


We know that having multiple children participating can be a financial strain for the family. We do try to assist in this matter by offering a discount for each participating sibling.  The discount will be deducted from each child monthly.  The deduction will show as a credit on your account.

This does not include the annual registration fee.