Our Vaulting Club

Ridge Run Vaulters 

Ridge Run Vaulters is a non-profit American Vaulting Association member club.  Please visit the AVA website for general information about recreational or competitive equestrian vaulting.  

Our club, made up of both recreational and competitive members, practice alongside one another in classes like a "one room schoolhouse".  In this manner, the more experienced members can mentor the newer participants.  While there is no official age restriction, those under the age of 9 may find it challenging to stay focused on their activity with so much going on in the arena at one time.  Parent participation, either as a guide from one activitiy station to the next or a sidewalker to cheer them on top of the horse, is encouraged.  Those over the age of 9 can particpate without a parent and recreational adults are welcome as vaulters and assistant lungers or coaches.  

First timers should sign up for a 30 minute "Intro to Vaulting" Barrel only lesson - there's room to bring a friend and the cost is $15 each.  No previous horse, dance or gymanstics experience is required.  This orientation includes only time on the barrel (fake practice horse)  and with the equipment to get you ready to join in the fun of our group class!  Join our weekly 60 minute group classes held at Ridge Run during Sping, Summer, Fall 1 and Fall 2 Sessions.  Time is spent on mats, barrels and live horses with full coaching staff in attendance.  Those under age 9 may participate parent-child style.

No one is required to compete, but we encourage end of session performances for family and friends - with or without fancy music, with or without being "dressed up", on the horse, on the barrel, or both!   "Virutal Competitions" are offered indoors over the winter months - with routines recorded at Ridge Run on the barrel (and horse if warm enough) then submitted via web for judges review at host clubs nationwide.  Yes, you can earn ribbons and prizes!  Cost is usually $10 per class.

"Barrel Fests" are non-horse competitions held around the regions and are competitions without the horse.  Many are indoors, include fun games, and offer a skills clinic for all levels following the event.  Cost is usually $35 for the competion and $25 for the clinic.  Entering additional classes are around $10 each.   Regional host clubs are within 3 hours of Toledo.

While our goal is to have fancy competitive gear, we are realistic about travel and competition costs!  A $30 unitard from online retailers in a team grey is sufficient.  Boys only need a pair of snug athletic pants and grey or apple gree shirt.  Vaulting shoes are soft-soled dance shoes.  An entry level pair is perfect and around $25.

Refreshments in the tack room are provided by the Club as a fundraiser in addition to Meal Prep nights and fun barn events.  Kindly consider donating to the club to support future equipment and travel expenses.  We also are in need of parent volunteer coordinators!  Ordering uniforms, spirit wear, helping with fundraisers.  Getting involved is fun!

Winter 1 & 2 Sessions are held held as weather permits at the barn or indoors in a clean gym, without the horse, from Jan - April at the Greater Toledo YMCA Gymnastics Center.  Time is spent working on foundation vaulting skills and conditioning, including partner holds, balances, lifts and routines not often worked during the rest of the year.  Horse Time at the barn to practice these skills on the vaulting barrel and live horse are optional ad hoc "events" dependent on the weather.  There is a nominal fee for the Horse Time, which is held as an "Open Practice" format - no official lessons are given, but coaching staff is there to guide, provide feedback, or spot maneuvers. Programs indoors at the Gymnastics Center are exclusive to Ridge Run and are not affiliated with the Greater Toledo YMCA.  

Contact Cathy Ward for more information or to RSVP!  ridgeruninfo@gmail.com


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