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Hand Paddles- These can be purchased at our Pro Shop at the front, or you can head over to teams year round store through Swim Outlet and purchase Finis hand paddles. Every Silver, Gold and Elite member need a pair, bring them to practice daily!

Water Bottle- This is the MOST important. Please bring a water bottle to practice every day. Your heart will thank you! 


Helpful Phone Apps:

  • USA Swimming
  • Meet Mobile- A subscription service that allows you to follow along at meets on your phone
  • OnDeck/GoMotion- Our teams app
  • Remind- Our text messaging app for important last minute reminders

​Helpful Websites:

  •        (our teams website)

​ You sign up for swim meets through the team website or app. You are responsible for signing up for individual events. Be aware that Coach may sign you up for relay events.  Always have your swimmer check the posted meet sign-ups for the official list of swimmer events. You are responsible for prompt payment for the swim meet (Due to the Boosters). If you do not pay, you will be suspended from any meets until the past due amount is paid!

You need to be on time to meet warm ups. E-mails are sent out before swim meets and you need to be at the pool, in your swim suit ready to swim at the time that is mentioned.

You are responsible to find your own hotels, occasionally we do have group rates at certian swim meets, an e-mail will be sent letting you know beforehand. 

What do you need to bring to a swim meet?

  • Swim Cap- You will be given one latex team cap that your swimmer is required to wear during meets. Additional caps are $5.00. Periodically, we arrange to have personalized caps made, or offer both latex and silicone caps for purchase.
  • Swim suit- Superior Aquatics does not require the purchase of a specific team suit. Practice suits should be comfortable and non-restricting. Competition suits- Swimmers under the age of 12 may not wear "tech suits" (tech suits or technical suits are a flat or taped seam) as of September 1st, 2020 per USA Swimming's sanctioned meet rule. USA Swimming also requires no  suits with zippers or ties. Reccomendationsfrom the team: suit should be tight fitting, so as not to allow drag. Polyester suits resist stretching and wear longer than nylon. 
  • Goggles- Bring at least two pairs of goggles. They are many styles, so try a few brands and shapes, and keep them just for competition.
  • 2-3 Towels- When one gets soggy your swimmer will want another one. Another great idea is a robe or swim parka to wrap up in after events. 
  • Snacks and/or concession stand money- Your swimmer will get HUNGRY, and most likely so will you. Take "real food" like sandwiches or salads, and a variety of snacks. Lots of drinks too!!
  • Seating- Often you'll be waiting in a cafeteria or gym, and often seating is hard to find. Bringing a blanket for the floor, or a folding chair is a great idea so you and your swimmer will have somewhere to sit. If it is an outdoor meet you might consider bringing a shelter or umbrella to give yourself some shade!
  • Entertainment- There can be a lot of downtime between events so you should bring something along to keep entertained. Books, tablets, magazines, coloring books......what ever your favorite boredom buster is!
  • A Sharpie- As crazy as it sounds this is a must have! When your child is told their events they use it to write them on their hand/arm/leg so they can remember what their event/heat/lane they are swimming. You obviously don't want it to wash off so it has to be permanent. Black works best, as the colored seems to run and come off easier!