Welcome to APEX's Summer Prep Program!

This program is designed for swimmers who have at least one year of experience in a community summer swim team and are looking to prepare for the upcoming summer season. Led by experienced coaches, including one with experience as a summer league head coach, our Summer Prep Program focuses on enhancing stroke mechanics and building endurance to help swimmers achieve their fastest times in the upcoming season. Through personalized coaching and structured training, we aim to prepare swimmers to excel in their competitive summer season.

The Summer Prep Program is specifically tailored to prepare swimmers for the upcoming summer season. We offer two groups: one for swimmers aged 11 and under, and another for those aged 12 and over. Various schedules and times are available, so please register when you are ready!

The requirement for swimmers aged 11 and under, proficiency in swimming 50 meters of Freestyle and Backstroke comfortably in a circle is required. The requirement of swimmers aged 12 and over must be able to swim mulitple 50 meters of Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as other strokes, comfortably in a circle.

If it is determined that a swimmer may benefit from switching to a different group for optimal improvement, arrangements can be made after communication with the coaching staff. If this program does not seem to be the best fit for your swimmer, we are happy to provide guidance on alternative programs that may better suit their needs.

If you haven't been on a summer team before or barely can swim 25 yards, but are interested in joining one this upcoming year, DON"T WORRY! We also offer a clinic program for those swimmers. What you need is filling out our tryout form https://www.apexathleticclub.com/form

We look forward to helping you reach your swimming goals this summer!

Important Note: Swimmers affiliated with APEX Swim Club are not allowed to simultaneously belong to or register with another swim team.

  • Group approvals may take time to determine a safe and proper size of a group.
  • The fee will be charged immediately once you complete the program registration, so please carefully check the practice schedule.
    • Once you register, the fee will be processed immediately and non-refundable for any reason including early withdrawal, illness, injury, moving etc...This electronic payment process will apply a third-party fee when you register for any programs/events.

Swim Stroke Clinic: Mini30minutes, Mini45minutes, Age Stroke Clinic, and Age Stroke Performance

Specific groups are available for limited make-up during a limited time period. Please click "Member's Help Desk" tab under "Resource" tab to learn how to receive the make-up.