About Us

Canyon Creek Performing Arts (CCPA) has served the community with top-quality community theatre since 2011. We believe that play productions are more than just singing, acting, and dancing. We believe that theatre is a way for one to express one's self in a safe environment. Theatre is a great place to be with like-minded friends. Theatre teaches lifelong skills.

Our Mission

Canyon Creek Performing Arts (CCPA) provides the skills and training needed for performing on stage. We offer a safe, uplifting environment that promotes creativity and self-expression. We teach performance skills, core values, self-discipline, unity, time management, and social acceptance. Through positive instruction, our students build confidence, which can aid them in all other areas of their life. Let us help you teach your child to be confident in who they are and what they stand for, with solid core values in life to share with the world in everything they do.




Own it: Accountability

No One Starts Off Perfect: Keep trying

Foster JOY In Movement

Integrity: Be Real Be YOU!

Dream Big

Everything Is Figure-out-able

Never Stop Having Fun

Customers Are Our Heartbeat

Everything Is On The Other Side of Fear


Theatre is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers, our students, to present the experience of a real or imaginary event. Students will work on dictation, vocal strength, acting abilities, dancing, and working in a large group dynamic. We, here at CCPA, are always looking at how to make each student better. 

We know this is just theater, but these productions take a lot of courage to stand on stage, sing, dance, and act in front of hundreds of people. We feel that it only enables these students to be stronger individuals off the stage. They tend to hold their heads a little taller and have a little more confidence in themselves.
























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