Simon Fraser Aquatics (SFA) is a year-round competitive swim club based in Burnaby, B.C. Canada. Ryan Skomorowski is the Head Coach and Director of Programming, and oversees all aspects of the program including the technical programming and manages the swim coaches and operational staff. The appointed club president is Miranda McNamara. SFA swim programs operate in several lower mainland pools including: Simon Fraser University, CG Brown Pool, Eileen Dailly Recreation Center, Robert Burnaby Pool, Hyde Creek Aquatic Complex, Central Park pool. All swimmers joining SFA are registered with Swim BC and can compete locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

SFA Coaches focuses on the overall development on our swimmers, both physically and mentally. Stroke technique assessments at Catalyst endless pool, strength and conditioning programming and Coaches' focus on skill development are some of our key components of our programming to help our swimmers attain their maximum potential as high performance athletes. 

If your swimmer is interested to pursue a high level of swimming with our team, please contact us at simonfrase[email protected] for an assessment opportunity. 


Head Coach/Director of Swimming: Ryan Skomorowski

Registrar: Nancy See

Family Account Manager: Khay See

Aquatykes Head Coach: Bart VanStaalduinen


Canadian records (2):           

2014 men’s 200 free relay lcm – Poznikoff/S.Hibberd/Berg/ D.Hibberd

2014 men’s 200 free relay scm– Poznikoff/S.Hibberd/Berg/ D.Hibberd


Canadian national team members (7):

Graham Duthie / Kathleen Stoody / Kathryn Rosberg / Sean Nugent

Andrew Poznikoff / David Hibberd / Coach Liam Donnelly


Canadian national junior team members (4):

Wayland Chang / Mariya Chekanovych / Dimitar Ivanov 

Coach Dimitriy Kononenko


High school swimmers to university varsity teams (22):

SFU (15): Chekanovych / Ivanov/ Schofield / McDonnell / Hernandez / Krall / R. Lee / Murphy / Nam / Pencheva / Porreca / Swistak / A.Woinoski / T.Woinoski / Al.Woinoski

UBC (6): Broderick / Chan / Fan / Lim / Reilly / Summers

Harvard (1): S. Li


Simon Fraser Aquatics Swim Club society (SFASC)

SFASC is a registered non-profit society.  SFASC is run by volunteers elected annually at their AGM. The volunteer Board of Directors works to ensure the society can achieve its objectives of: providing volunteer services; providing financial assistance including fundraising; and promoting competitive swimming for all SFA Club families.

The purpose(s) of the society(are):

  1. To provide volunteer services for the Members of Simon Fraser Aquatics Swim Club with regard to such activities as member communications, coordination of swim meets, training of officials, member registration, travel planning, and fundraising activities;
  2. To provide financial assistance for the Members of Simon Fraser Aquatics Swim Club including but not limited to such matters as pool rental, coaching costs, competition, entry fees, travel, and equipment; and
  3. To promote the sport of competitive swimming within Burnaby and the surrounding communities.