Safe Sport 

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How to Best use our Team Website:

BETT Aquatics / Website Wireframe

BETT Aquatics / Using the Bettendorf Aquatics Website



​BETT Aquatics / How to Register for the Swim Team



BETT Aquatics / Communciation Methods


General Information

BETT Aquatics / Why Swim?

BETT Aquatics / Financial Structure

BETT Aquatics / Club Organization

BETT Aquatics / Arena Sponsored Team (8-26-2022)


Parents' Role

BETT Aquatics / Parents' Role

BETT Aquatics / Home Meet Support

BETT Aquatics / Volunteer Needs

BETT Aquatics / Volunteer Sign-Up


Training (Swim Practice!)

BETT Aquatics / Group Structures

BETT Aquatics / Group Structure Process & Expecations

BETT Aquatics / Swimmer Training Expectations




USA Swimming / NUTRITION Sports Nutirition for Swimmers

USA Swimming / NUTRITION Fueling for Competition


Competition (Swim Meets!)

BETT Aquatics / How to Sign Up for Swim Meets

BETT Aquatics / What to Bring to a Swim Meet

BETT Aquatics / What to Expect on Meet Day

USA Swimming / Championship Qualifying Time Standards


USA Swimming / 2022 Rule Book


Swim School (Group Lessons!)

BETT Aquatics / What are Group Lessons?


Policies & Waivers

BETT Aquatics / Photography Waiver

BETT Aquatics / Insurance Waiver

​BETT Aquatics / Code of Conduct: Parents

BETT Aquatics / Code of Conduct: Athletes

USA Swimming / Code of Conduct

BETT Aquatics / Disruptive Behavior & Discipline Policy

BETT Aquatics / Drug & Alcohol Policy

BETT Aquatics / Travel Meets Policy



Safe Sport

Bettendorf Aquatics is an official USA Swimming club. Because of this, we take all the required steps to follow all Safe Sport policies. Learn about all Safe Sport information.


Becoming an Official

USA Swimming / How to Become an Official

Iowa Swimming (IASI) / Swim Official Training