Quick Information about EWG

Chuchi Franciuc
  • Registration MUST be done on a desktop or laptop
  • Our gym runs on 8-week sessions, class once a week for 8 weeks.
  • The full 8-week session costs $150, if you’re paying anything less, the system is automatically pro-rating your charge to depending on how many classes your child(ren) is actually able to attend.
  • You’re only allowed 1 make-up per 8-week session, which would be scheduled with the front office.
  • You’re able to start classes anytime during the session except for the last week. That’s when we open up the new set of classes for the new session for currently enrolled students.
  • All new members or members who are NOT enrolled in the current session are forced to wait for the first day of the new session at 12:00am to sign up for that current session.