Minimum Age:  7
Purpose:  “Learn the Basics” - The London Group is the first level of our competitive swim team and is designed to help our youngest, newest swimmers learn about, and adapt to the world of competitive swimming. Swimmers in the London Group will work to hone the skills they’ve already developed in Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke, focusing their efforts on the foundational skills of each. Additionally, swimmers will learn the foundations of butterfly and all of the competitive turns so they are ready to compete across all disciplines.
Focuses: Learn the fundamentals of swimming; Prepare kids for the swim team.
Minimum Age:  7
Purpose:  “Learn to Love” - Our aim in the Rio Group is to teach our young athletes a solid set of fundamental skills while they fall in love with being in the water. Horizon athletes are introduced to our core values while they explore how accountability, discipline and unity can help them develop a long-term relationship with the sport. Swimmers in the Rio Group are introduced to larger competitions and may even compete at championship meets if the timing is right. Many will be asked to start with Novice level competitions before entering into larger USA Swim Meets.
Focuses:  Foundational skills of swimming; Learning to love the sport.
Minimum Age:  9
Purpose:  “Learn to Train” - In the Athens Group, swimmers will build upon their fundamental skills and work toward cementing those skills in basic “sets” and workouts. This will teach the swimmers to forge good habits under duress which will help them learn how to perform at swim meets. Athens Group swimmers are expected to compete at every opportunity and are offered swim meets both locally and regionally through USA Swimming. We teach the athletes at this level about the importance of competing as a tool for learning as well as a test of skill and strength.
Focuses:  Foundational skills of swimming; Athletic and character development; Competition.
Minimum Age:  11
Purpose:  “Hone Your Training” - The Tokyo Group acts as a bridge between the younger athlete and older athlete programs. Swimmers in Tokyo will focus on continuing to develop their speed and conditioning, but maintain a clear focus on skill acquisition and technical improvement. Swimmers in the Tokyo Group will be encouraged, but not required, to attend all local USA Swimming competitions as part of their overall athlete development. 
Focuses:  Foundational skills of swimming; Athletic and character development; Competition.
Minimum Age:  13
Purpose:  “Train to Compete” - Swimmers in the Beijing Group will continue their skill development and habit building for the purpose of growing as a competitor. They will begin to learn and build race strategies, utilizing the conditioning and skill work they’ve gained from consistent training. Swimmers in Beijing are expected to be at every meet and serve as positive role models for the younger swimmers on the team. As swimmers grow older on the team, they play a much more important role in helping to shape the quality of our overall culture.
Focuses:  Dynamic, intensity-based training; Competitive Development; Becoming Role Models.
Minimum Age:  13
Purpose:  “Train to Excel” - After academics, swimming is expected to be the top priority of our Senior Group athletes. Swimmers are expected to swim at every workout and attend every competition, where they will develop their skills and conditioning into high performance results. Swimmers will use the personal life skills they develop through the discipline of their swimming to help influence every aspect of their lives as they move toward becoming young adults.
Focuses:  Mastery of racing skills and strategy; Championship level swimming; Performance prep.