Why choose Jing Shen Kuoshu?

Why Not? Break away from the monotony of the same old Weight Lifting/Cardio Training programs. Jing Shen Kuoshu: Martial Science & Functional Fitness offers a variety of unique Classes, Training programs, Personal Training and Martial Arts programs. 

Jing Shen Kuoshu translates as "Essence & Spirit" through the Martial Arts

Our Focus is to provide training that evolves, adapts and changes with the times, as needed. We are specialist of Martial Science & Functional Fitness. 


True Self Defense & Mixed Martial Arts

Fighting should be avoided whenever possible. However, if a confrontation should turn violent or aggressive, Jing-Shen Kuoshu (JSK) is the most effective hand to hand combat system to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Not only is JSK is the most complete SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM available, It has been tested and proven by people of all backgrounds (Amateur Boxers, Pro MMA Fighters, Military Personnel including Special Forces, Security Staff, and Law Enforcement) You don't need to have high levels of flexibility or be able to bench press 200lbs to be effective with this system. You will be taught how to use timing, distance, rhythm and percision to become a force multiplier. 

Everyone, from a First-Timer to the Elite Athlete, can benefit from learning to use these street tested & proven Self Defense system.  As the leading Adaptive Self Defense system in the United States, JSK Adaptive Martial Arts & Wheelchair Self Defense programs provide user-friendly, easy to learn techniques that can be designed to meet anyone's needs. All disabilities are welcome, we offer age appropriate training and have been sought after for Post Physical Therapy development. 


Functional Fitness / Weight-Loss / Strength & Conditioning / Postual Alignment

Learn Functional movements to better your Balance, Coordination, Agility, Speed, Power and Body Alignment to achieve faster results in your Fitness goals. Our methods builds a better "Body" without injuries or contra-indicative exercises that can cause more harm than good.

Our highly skilled Instructors will help you get the Fitness results that you've always wanted to live a healthy life. Fun drills and exercises to stay engaged and much more functional than the stale boring exercises that are not fun to the general population.

We guarantee results and you will feel amazing and see your body change instantly!


Come see the difference! We'd love to welcome you to try a Free Week of Classes, a Free Private Training Session with one of our Trainer Specialists or ask about our Online Training and Adaptive Martial Arts.