A Brilliant Model in the World of Cheerleading”

As the most admired All-Star Cheerleading program on the West Coast, SCV All Stars is a family focused youth sports program, providing a distinct wholesome environment, where athlete well-being is priority one.


Enriching the Lives of Young People

Our passion includes a desire to develop a confident athlete – a confidence that will prove to be an asset in all of life as they go forward.

Inspiring Young Athletes Through Positive Motivation

Encouraging the values of hard-work, dedication, and commitment as important components of success, SCV cheerleaders also learn the power of teamwork.  We strive to teach teamwork as a skill – the passion to work with others toward shared goals.

Progression – The SCV Way

Tumbling Skills & Technique – We believe in perfection before progression.  Tumbling practice is an essential part of our overall progression program.  SCV offers many opportunities for our athletes to improve their tumbling skills and technique – this has paid off with the outstanding National recognition we have received in this area of athleticism. We provide team tumbling classes in addition to extra classes where athletes can work on more advanced tumbling skills.  All SCV cheerleaders are encouraged to improve their tumbling skills by taking advantage of weekly tumbling classes. For All-Star Elite athletes, tumbling class participation is required as being a member of their team.  For purpose of consistency, skill progression and safety, SCV Level 3, 4 & 5 athletes are to avoid tumbling classes/lessons other than those offered by SCV.  Regarding tumbling classes with other organizations, more times than not, those who have participated in competitor’s tumbling classes, have experienced a deterioration in their technique and current skill sets, all too often becoming injured as they tend to focus on skills beyond their reasonable skill progression.  Tumbling skill progression is extremely important and consistency is essential.  Should you have any questions regarding our Tumbling progression program or our Tumbling Schedule, please contact Dan or Danielle.       

Practices / Commitment

SCV Cheerleaders are expected to participate in 2-team practices each week in addition to a 1-hour tumbling class. Team practices are typically 2 – 2½ hours (1½ hours for ages 4 – 8).  

Attendance Policy

SCV All Stars is a structured program where success relies on athletes and parents adhering to our policies.  We realize many athletes are involved in a variety of activities; however, we cannot make exceptions for schedule conflicts including homework, studying for exams/projects, and school athletics*. The only excused absence after August 12th is a school function that is mandatory for a grade. 

We practice a minimum of 5 hours each week.  After Labor Day, many Level 3, 4, and 5 teams may expect to practice 8-9 hours each week.  We expect top priority and 100% commitment to attending every practice.

Absences are not allowed during the 2-weeks prior to a competition. Such an absence may result in the athlete being pulled and replaced for that upcoming competition.    

*We do not want to discourage athletes from school cheer.  In most cases we can try to accommodate this activity, but it involves very detailed communication with the All-Star Director far in advance (Minimum of 2 weeks).

Competitions / Performances

SCV Cheerleaders can expect to participate in 6-7 Competitions (All Star Prep 4-5 performances).  SCV management takes great effort in selecting only top-tier competitions, where the top teams compete and where we can offer SCV families the best value and experience available. Most, if not all, competitions that we attend are within a driving distance of our gym. One exception: Levels 3, 4, and 5 cheer athletes must be available to attend the NCA event in Dallas if called upon.

A History of Success

Over the past 6-years, SCV has won more final National Championships than any individual Cheerleading gym in America. An amazing number of SCV All Star cheerleaders have gone on to experience great success as cheerleaders at diverse Universities across the country. Since 2003, SCV All Stars has continued to offer So Cal Valleys an awesome opportunity for young people to be involved in a competitive sport that combines athleticism and dance. Participation in All-Star Cheerleading builds CONFIDENCE, while developing TEAMWORK SKILLS; SOCIAL SKILLS, and LEADERSHIP ABILITIES.

Innovative . . . Motivated . . . Admired . . .

We are SCV