Jan SalaBallet teacher/ student of Christina's Dance World

"Today, I felt bad when I woke up with pain in my hip. I thought I don't want to go to my morning fitness classes. But, when I pulled up at the studio and Charlie dog was looking out of the door to greet me, it automatically made me feel happy. And, I always love coming because the music, the people, and you, Christina always make me feel joyful. Coming back to dance has changed my life and I love it."


 Barbara Hull - Adelaide's Mother 

“Thank you for teaching Adelaide such nice table manners. We were at a fancy restaurant and our server brought her a special dessert because she was so polite.”


 Anna WilsonAva's Mother

"Christina, I wanted to tell you Christa Thompson and I were just saying last week what a positive influence and blessing you were for our girls, as well as all the children and adults you are around every day 😊! I, and many others, so appreciate YOU!! Thanks for all you do!"


 Polly HydeAddison's Mother

“I want to say thanks to you and Christina's Dance World because I believe Addison's confidence and wanting to shine comes from the experience that she gets from you on a weekly basis. We love you!”


 Lydia ThorntonMother of McKaye

“Thank you for the wonderful party. We could not have asked for more fun. Our hearts are full because of you.”


 Karen ManningFriend

“Christina, you are a magnificent influence on children's lives in every area. I love keeping up with all you do.”