About Us

The Express All Stars are celebrating their 36th season of cheerleading and dance in the Grand Valley. We want our students to experience a sense of family, by building experiences and moments they will never forget. We hope to inspire them with new skills in the sport and in life that will make a positive impact on their future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop our students into well-conditioned athletes. To help them become more successful in life through the practice of their cheer and dance sport, always influence positive progress, growth and change in and out of the gym/studio.  To achieve these objectives, we must first instill a Champion's Attitude. Developing a mindset that guides them toward specific goals for self-improvement, develop a non-quitting spirit to overcome obstacles and to become a successful achiever and leader. Next, we hope to impart and influence Champion Behavior. To develop positive habits that lead towards long-term success and happiness. Habits of self-discipline and the internal drive to become the best you can be, while teaching good sportsmanship and self sacrifice for the betterment of the team. Finally, to strive for reinforce Champion Character development.  To live by a set of principles and standards that can be applied to daily living. To encourage the formation of high personal standards and community service.

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