Our all star teams are the COMPETITIVE teams of the Express All Star Cheer & Dance Academy. Our teams represent our community and state at various national, international and world competitions. Through performances, competitions and practices our staff develops the whole athlete. We are confident in our ability to teach cheerleaders to improve their skills and help them reach their athletic potential. Beyond that, we want our athletes to be inspired to be their best on and off the floor promoting teamwork, confidence, perserverence and leadership.

We offer the following teams, each team's level will depend on the overall athletic skill and ability of the majority of its members.

MINI CHEER   (Ages 5-8)

YOUTH CHEER  (Ages 5-11)

JUNIOR CHEER (Ages 5-14)

 SENIOR CHEER (Ages 11-18)

The Express All Star Cheer & Dance Academy is the ONLY cheerleading training center on the Western Slope. Coaches at the EAA (Express All Star Academy) are USASF certified and credentialed in the instruction of cheer and have extensive experience themselves as a competitive cheerleader. They are certified in CPR, NFHS Concussion Training and have on file a national background check through the NCSI (National Council for Safety Initiatives)