OCSC Board Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Next Board Meetings:
Wednesday, October 11th at 6:30pm
Wednesday, November 8th at 6:30pm
Wednesday, December 13th at 6:30pm
Mulligan's Bar & Grill
830 Mulligan Center Dr
Oregon, WI
This meeting is open to membership.


  1. Call to Order – President: Trevor Vordermann

  2. Read & Approval of Minutes – Secretary: Chessie Totaro

  3. Reports  *30 minutes*

    1. Vice President: Matt Burke - OKT Update

      1. Any follow ups from OKT

    2. Treasurer: Hillary Plumb

      1. Financial update, TU/invoice availability

      2. Remaining board member rebate decision

    3. Registrar: Katie Kavanaugh

      1. USA Swimming registration update: charges for returning swimmers, refunds for new swimmers who paid twice, board member registration

      2. R&R between treasurer, registrar and Head Coach

    4. Safe Sport/Club Recognition: Kristin Siget

      1. Progress on recertifying by May 2024

    5. Meet Director:  Brittany Jenkins

      1. Updates on an Olympic breakout session

    6. Events Coordinator/Clothing Order:  Manny Figueroa

      1. Team Social Event

      2. Club Night

      3. Board Christmas party

    7. New Member Liaison:  Karen Birling

      1. Swim buddies

    8. Technology:  Zach Severson

      1. Website updates: removal of old information, update coaches, change meeting minute format

      2. Media Opt Out form -Kristin

  4. Coaches Report – AJ Lerner *15 minutes*

    1. Update on Asst Coaches

    2. Dryland

  5. Questions and Comments from the Floor *15 minutes*

  6. Old Business *20 minutes*

    1. Discussing Volunteer Requirement exception policy

    2. Updated bi-laws

      1. Discuss Board positions vs. committee leads

      2. Then work on updating policies

        1. Policy on reimbursing OCSC parents who are meet officials (currently 2)

    3. Setting goals and target dates for the board

    4. USA Swimming University: University 101 and 201: next steps?

    5. Florida meet or destination training/meet

  7. New Business *10 minutes*

  8. Adjournment – President: Trevor Vordermann