Our Vision:  Growing Champions. Inspiring Dreams.

Our Mission: Inspire Excellence through Progressive, Innovative  Programs & Partnerships. 

Indiana Swimming,Inc.,
11550 N Meridian St., Suite 260,
Carmel, IN  46032
11550 N Meridian Street, Suite 260, Carmel, IN  46032



Indiana Swimming Profile

Indiana Swimming, Inc. (ISI) is one of 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC) with responsibility under USA Swimming to govern the sport of swimming in the State of Indiana, except Floyd and Clark Counties, and including Vermillion County in the State of Illinois. (Boundary Map)
Indiana Swimming, as delegated to it in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, has jurisdiction to conduct swimming programs consistent with the policies and procedures of USA Swimming and to sanction, approve, observe, oversee and conduct, on behalf of USA Swimming, competitive swimming events within the LSC boundaries. Indiana Swimming is located in the Central Zone, one of four geographic Zones defined by USA Swimming.
Indiana Swimming is divided into Club Regions, Official Areas, and Divisional Assignments to better serve its members.
  1. Club Regions: The Indiana LSC is divided into four regions to provide equal athlete representation among all geographical areas of the LSC. The quadrants of the state are NE, NW, SE, and SW. The approximate boundaries of each region are below with some variance surrounding the Indianapolis area.
    • NE – east of U.S. 31 and north of SR 28
    • NW – west of U.S. 31 and north of SR 28
    • SE – east of I-65 and south of SR 28
    • SW – west of I-65 and south of SR 28
  2. Official Areas: The Indiana LSC is divided into four areas to provide equal official representation among all geographical areas of the LSC. The approximate division of each Official Areas are below with some variance surrounding the Indianapolis area.
    • Area 1 - west of U.S. 31 and north of SR. 32
    • Area 2 - east of U.S. 31 and north of I-70; not including Area 4
    • Area 3- south of I -74 west of Indianapolis, and I-70 on the east side of Indianapolis
    • Area 4 – north of I‐74 west of Indianapolis and I‐70 east of Indianapolis, south of U.S. 32, east of SR 267, and west of SR 13
  3. Divisional Assignments: The Indiana LSC divides all clubs for divisional meet assignment. The number of divisional meets is set by the HoD and varies from spring to summer championship season.
For additional information about Indiana Swimming Regions/Areas and the methods for division, please see Section 1.7.1 of Indiana Swimming’s Policies & Procedures.
Indiana Swimming is a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and may accept contributions, bequests, and gifts deductible for federal income and estate and gift tax purposes respectively. Indiana Swimming operates under by-laws adopted in 12/1996 and amended thereafter. ISI is governed by its House of Delegates (Article 604), a Board of Directors (Article 605), elected and appointed Officers (Article 606), and various Divisions, Committees and Coordinators (Article 607) as described in its by-laws. The House of Delegates governs Indiana Swimming. The Board of Directors has the authority to act for the Corporation between meetings of the House of Delegates. The officers of the Corporation comprise the Executive Committee and shall have the authority to act for the corporation between meetings of the Board of Directors.
Indiana Swimming Vision: Growing Champions.  Inspiring Dreams.
Indiana Swimming Mission: Inspires excellence through progressive, innovative programs & partnerships.
Indiana Swimming is fortunate to have an office staff in order to serve the needs of our members and to help our volunteer Board of Directors to achieve our vision and mission.  The Indiana Swimming office is located in Suite 260 of the SePRO Office Building. 11550 N Meridian Street, Carmel, IN  46032.
Please reach out to the Indiana Swimming Staff at [email protected] with questions or need for information. To contact any of our office staff (Tony Young-Executive Director, Office Manager Maggie Neuburger, or Michele Deluna-Member Services please click on this link to the staff contact information