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18 and Over Athlete Protection Deadline Reminder:  Effective June 23, 2019, USA Swimming requires all adult athlete, athletes 18 and over, to complete Athlete Protection training annually. This is a new requirement for adult athletes.
This will require current athletes who have reached their 18th birthday to log into the USA Swimming Safe Sport web page using their athlete member account to complete the training. Here’s the link to the training: https://www.usaswimming.org/learn.
Athletes must add the required APT courses to their ‘cart’ then check out. Once the courses are in the cart, they are available to view and complete. Make sure you complete the course to its finish and print your certificate of completion for verification. Your Deck Pass will show that you have completed the training and you will be up-to-date in the membership database, and able to enter competitions after June 23, 2018.

Indiana Swimming encourages clubs to address this new requirement with their adult athletes as soon as possible, and not wait until the June 23 deadline.
Additionally, effective June 23, every USA Swimming team must implement the new Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy. This policy addresses five areas:
• One-on-One Interactions with minor athletes
• Travel and rooming guidelines for adults and minor athletes
• Social Media & Electronic Communication policy changes
• Locker Rooms & Changing Areas
• Massages & Rubdowns
USA Swimming’s new Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) is provided in full at www.usaswimming.org/maapp. There is a series of FAQ documents on this resource page that explains new guidelines for “applicable adults” and their interaction with minor athletes in the five areas listed above.

If you have questions about these changes that are not explained in the FAQ, please contact USA Swimming staff at [email protected].

Your continued support of USA Swimming’s abuse prevention and response efforts is invaluable. Together we can promote a safe and healthy environment for our swimmers