New Jersey Swimming
Advancing competitive swimming in
New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming’s Vision:  Advancing competitive swimming in New Jersey through fair and inclusive opportunities.

New Jersey Swimming's Mission Statement: Develop the sport of swimming through leadership and excellence by providing environments that encourage swimmers to achieve their goals and advance while fostering the principals of sportsmanship, leadership and achievement. 


New Jersey Swimming Policies and Procedures (2017)


New Jersey Swimming Policies and Procedures (Approved 2023)


000 Index for Policies and Procedures


Introduction and General Topics

001 Introduction to Policies and Procedures

002 Mission and Vision

003 Use of Logo

004 Bylaws


Membership, Registration, Fees and Transfers

101 Individual Membership and Membership Fees

102 Individual Member Transfers

103 Group Membership and Group Membership Fees

104 Fines and Penalties


NJS Governance

201 Committees and Task Force

202 Complaint Resolution

203 Convention Workshop Representation

204 Election Protocols



New Jersey Swimming Policies and Procedures (Draft/Pending 2023)

NJS Governance

205 Whistle Blower Policy - DRAFT

206 Document Retention and Destruction Policy - DRAFT


Finance, Travel and Expense Reimbursement, Contracts, Personnel

301 Budget Formulation - DRAFT

302 Approvals - General Policy - DRAFT

303 Cash and Investment Management - DRAFT

304 Travel and Expense Reimbursement - General Policy - DRAFT

306 Staff Management - DRAFT

307 Treasurer - Staff Position - DRAFT

308 NJSI Administrative Director - Staff Position - DRAFT


Swimming Programs, Meet Conduct, NJSI Championships, Sanctioning

401 Club and Meet Safety - DRAFT

402 Meet Sanctioning - DRAFT

403 Conduct of Sanctioned Meets - DRAFT

404 NJSI Championship Meets - DRAFT

405 NJSI Event Records - DRAFT