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Our Brand:

Rockstar Cheer Atlanta is part of a family of locations all falling under an affiliation with Rockstar Cheer, located in Greenville, SC. Each location is individually owned and operated.  This location is owned by NMEC original owners, Carolyn and Glenn Garrison. Rockstar Cheer Atlanta, formerly known as North Metro Elite Cheer, entered the Rockstar Brand with our 2016 season.  This decision came about to bring all of our squads, athletes and coaches to the next level.  We wanted to bring the BRAND to Georgia – a brand built on success and strength coupled with a strong sense of family and a deep commitment to each client in our programs. 

Our Objective:

At Rockstar we strive to build a competitive program teaching technique along with discipline, respect, sportsmanship, and life skills.  


Our Vision:

The vision of our competitive program is develop strong and confident athletes through the sport of cheerleading. By setting high standards and expectations, the program will teach valuable life lessons; such as, self discipline, dedication, accountability, work ethic, and respect. We are dedicated to building strong and successful athletes while representing our team, program and brand  with enthusiasm and pride. 

Our Mission:

The mission at Rockstar is to positively impact the lives of our athletes through the sport of cheerleading and tumbling following the guidelines set forth by our governing body, USASF. Our passion is bringing these goals, hopes and dreams into reality one athelte and team at time.

Our Culture:

You cannot merely expect culture to be a natural occurrence; it has to be taught and made a part of your everyday routine" - Coach K, Duke Mens Basketball

You can expect to see our coaches establishing a culture of respect and dedication and instilling the values we expect from our athletes.

Standards of Behavior:

  • Be on time.
  • Learn to make adjustments.
  • Be prepared for practices both mentally and physically.
  • Zero tolerance for whining, complaining, or excuses.
  • Excellence with 100% effort daily.
  • Show respect for your gym, coaches, teammates and yourself.
  • Take ownership

10 Core Values:

  1. INTEGRITY:  Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
  2. HARD WORK:  Putting in the tough work necessary to achieve success.
  3. UNITY:  Feeling a sense of oneness like we are all in this together.
  4. EXCELLENCE:  Expecting only the best fro ourselves and the team.
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY:  Being answerable to one another to get the job done.
  6. PASSION:  Demonstrating a true love for the sport.
  7. CONFIDENCE:  Believing that you can get the job done.
  8. TRUST:  Knowing that others want what is best for us
  9. RESPONSIBILITY:  Taking full ownership of the task to achieve certain results.
  10. PERSISTENCE:  Fighting through the frustration, fatigue and failure.

Competitive Program Season Goals:

Create, initiate and instill the core values listed above

#strivefor5    Strive for perfect 5 in difficulty and technique on our scoresheets

Alll eligible teams earn bid to Regional or Summit Nationals. 

One Family. 
One Goal.


North Metro Elite Cheer Is NowRockstar Cheer 

North Metro Elite Cheer (NMEC) announced they are now Rockstar Cheer Atlanta. Gym owner Carolyn Garrison made the announcement in a meeting for gym families on Monday, March 7 to a packed house. Garrison shared that the decision was made after many months of careful research and consideration by both parties.
Founded in 2013, NMEC gym has always had a goal of treating their athletes like family with the motto, “One Family One Goal.” New to the cheer scene, this small gym has been building their program with several significant wins and a recent Summit bid during the current competitive season. However, a new, small gym has relatively limited resources when it comes to accessing top choreographers, elite coaching and complex strategies. The competition cheer industry has an increasingly sophisticated structure, and the synergy that is created when gyms join together creates a more efficient approach to their season. Garrison wants her teams to be able to compete more on the national cheer industry stage, and she sees this move as a way to get there.
Finding a gym that shared her commitment to a “family atmosphere” was a challenge. Garrison says, “I wanted a gym that treated their athletes and their families the exact same way. And when I went and watched their practices, and watched their kids, I felt like I was standing in my own gym with different coaches. And that is when I knew my kids were talented enough to be on the same stage with this winning gym. I want to know what they know, and I want access to their training, choreography, music and the data they have from their years of experience. I want that for my teams.” She says 
Rockstar Cheer  owner Scott Foster was receptive to that.
Rockstar Cheer owner Scott Foster says their organization was interested in finding a partner in the Atlanta area as the teams here are very strong. There were other gyms that approached him, but the fit just wasn’t there. “In our model, we are not buying out gyms and taking them over. It doesn’t work well unless we have good, strong relationships with the gym owners. We have to have a shared vision.” With North Metro, the fit was right.

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