Welcome to Rockstar Cheer Atlanta recreational program. Classes are divided by age and level. All new participants will receive a trial class to allow us to evaluate your child skills so we can recommend the perfect class to see safe and progressive instruction. Classes maintain an 8:1. Instructors are available at the end of classes to answer any questions.
Elite Only - Levels 5-6
*Must have a standing back tuck AND a running layout to enroll in this class.
This class works on RO BHS Full, Standing BHS to layout, Whips, Whip to Layout, Specialty to Layout, Specialty to Full, front through to full, Standing 3 BHS to full, Standing full, RO BHS Double Full, whips to full, Hand Full Whip Double.
30-min Flexibility session
15 min stretch followed by 45 minutes in the air in two-man style stunts. Skill level open to all. Max of 8 participants per class.
Level 1
This class is perfect for the athlete with no previous experience. Skills to be learned: forward and backward rolls, fall to bridge, cartwheel, roundoff, kickovers and handstands.
Level 2
Skills taught include: standing back handsprings, roundoff back handsprings, other skills connected to back handsprings.