About Us

After many years of volunteer coaching in a community based organization, dominated by male leadership, Liana Joyner (Co-Founder), had a vision to help propel cheerleading in her local community to the next level. Her vision involved providing a recreational cheerleading experience with community service and mentorship as a cornerstone of the program. The goal was to encourage young women of color to become leaders in the community and in their sport, and make sure their cheer experience had an indelible impact on their future.


After nearly 10 years of watching her own daughter compete and the hundreds of girls touched by her coaching and leadership role, she decided that there must be representation for girls of color to thrive and grow in this sport. As the director of one of the few minority cheerleading programs, one of the greatest challenges would be making this sport affordable for low income and middle class families, while still providing the competitive force to not only compete, but win championships!


Under Liana’s leadership, with a group of 7 other women of color with varying professions and experiences, FEA was born in December 2019. Within one month of opening registration, 50+ participants enrolled in the inaugural season. Liana and her coaching staff work as volunteers giving of their time and resources to ensure the best experience for each or the girls. From the beginning these women have worked tirelessly to recruit, plan for fundraisers, and prepare for the second season.




Our Mission

FEA is an organization that prides itself in providing opportunities for athletes to flourish and reach their full potential. FEA seeks to provide opportunities to recognize and build upon each child’s God given talents, within a safe and loving environment. FEA prides itself on cultivating athletes with life skills such as an awareness of the importance of health and cooperation, established through character development activities. FEA seeks to instill and foster these skills through an integration of athleticism and community awareness, shaping and molding our future leaders to act with tenacity, courage, and poise in all that they set out to accomplish.

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