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Lake Forest Swim Club Mission Statement:

THE Lake Forest Swim Club is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all participants. To do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place. We are a performance-focused USA Swimming member program that encourages its athletes to reach their full potential. We strive for excellence at all levels: local, national, and international.



Lake Forest Swim Club Values

We value health, fitness, best effort, sportsmanship, citizenship, humility, accountability, responsibility, resilience, preparedness, punctuality, focus, respect, honesty, integrity, hard work, discipline, teamwork, and fair play.  Our program strives to provide a safe educational environment to develop these life qualities through sport.


Lake Forest Swim Club Objectives

Ø  To provide an opportunity for young people to engage in a wholesome, lifesaving, lifetime sport and recreational activity;

Ø  To promote and educate individuals on physical fitness, nutrition, and good health habits;

Ø  To foster the development of high self-esteem and help cultivate positive self-images;

Ø  To promote the ideals of honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship, and team loyalty;

Ø  To provide opportunities to learn the values of hard work, dedication, self-discipline, and perseverance;

Ø  To teach and promote respect of coaches, teammates, and officials;

Ø  To create an environment that allows individuals to fully develop their natural abilities and help their teammates do likewise;

Ø  To provide age group swimmers with the technical, physical, and emotional foundation necessary for a successful senior swimming career.

Ø  To provide a comprehensive training and support program for swimmers preparing for the highest levels of national and international competition;

Ø  To teach young people the importance of cooperative effort to achieve both group and individual goals;

Ø  To teach young people to accept the responsibility and consequences of their own behavior and actions.