How do I join?       



The swim year starts with registration and evaluations in August and then again in April (for swimmers who did not register in August). The swim year is split into two seasons: Short Course (SC) and Long Course (LC).

What is Short Course vs Long Course?

The term "25 yards" and “50 meter” refers to the length of the swimming pool. During the short course season (August-March), meets are typically set up as a 25 yard pool. During the long course season (April-August), meets are typically set up as a 50 meter pool. The CGHS Natatorium pool can be set up for both seasons!

Swimmers who register in August may continue into the LC season over the summer. For swimmers looking to join CGAC at the start of a LC season, the club will host evaluations and open registration typically in April.


Evaluations are for swimmers 5-18 years of age wishing to take that next step in swimming and join our club. 

Sign ups for evaluations will be on our website and are often advertised through the schools PeachJar flyers and on our Facebook page. Evaluation sessions last about 15 minutes so our coaches can properly place the swimmer in their respective group based on their experience level.

Please come dressed ready to swim as well as have goggles and a towel. USA Swimming requires a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate for registration. Please bring a photocopy of your prospective swimmer's birth certificate to their evaluation. 

To save time, parents can complete the top portion of the New Swimmer Assessment Form before your swimmer comes to the evaluation. Click HERE for the New Swimmer Assessment Form. 


Transferring from another club to CGAC?

If you are transferring from another USA Swimming Club/Team, you will also need to print and complete the Indiana Swimming Change/Transfer Form.  Please find the form HERE and bring it with you to your swimmer's evaluation.