Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics recognizes that all athletes succeed at different rates. Students are placed in appropriate class or group based on ability. All instructors make a sincere effort to ensure that each gymnast experiences success.

Methods and Progression

Progression techniques are used to promote the student's learning and safety.  It may seem that the gymnast is not progressing, or is repeating previous skills. It must be remembered, that the gymnast must master basic skills before moving to more advanced ones. 


The staff of Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics consists of a highly qualified group of instructors, who are all experienced in either teaching gymnastics, tumbling, cheer or sports fitness. All of the staff are CPR certified and have coached multiple state champions



We encourage girls to wear a leotard but athletic shorts and a t-shirt is fine. ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY ALLOWEDBoys should wear shorts and a t-shirt and socks.  Long hair should be pulled back from the face. If not appropriately dressed, the gymnast may be restricted from some or all activity. Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics pro-shop has an extensive line of gymnastics clothing, which may be purchased for class or personal use.

How do I Schedule a Trial Class

Call the gym 812.235.9884 during business hourse 3-9pm M-Th and we will be able to schedule your Trial class if there is room available in the class you want to try.  If it works out for you and your athlete you will have the option to sign up immediatly after class.  If you wait the spot may be take by those not wanting a trial class or those needing to switch from another class.

Pricing & Registration Policies

Annual Registration Fee

There is a $30 annual registration fee for each family. This fee is non-refundable, and is used to defray the cost of insurance, which we must carry on all participants. 

Session Length

All class/lesson sessions are 10 weeks long

Class Prices

Class pricing

Parent & Tot


Super Tigers


Tumble Tigers




All Non Recreational Gymnastics, Cheer, & Tumbling Classes


Ninja Nation Classes

All Competition Teams Available upon Request

Non Class Days

These days are scheduled closing (i.e. holidays, school breaks) they are already prorated into the session cost and are listed on your invoice so do not delete it!

When is tuition due?

Immediately upon enrollment and then when the registration window opens for the next session. There is option for both check and credit card payment online.

Late Fees?!?

Late fees are applied on the 10th day after registration to account balance.

Is there a particular time of the month that I need to sign up?

You can sign up for a class anytime, as long as there is a spot available in the class. Our excellent online registration system will automatically pro-rate all tuition.

Do I get a discount for an additional child or additional class?

Yes, 10% for the 2nd child or the 2nd class per week and each additional child/class.

How do I sign my child up for a class?

If you have questions about which class to register for please call the gym durin business hours or message us on the Facebook :)

What are my payment options? What do the options all mean? How can I select my payment option? How do I add a credit card? How do I make a payment? 

Once your SportsEngine Studio account is setup/you have registered for our programming, you will have access to your account. Your accounts settings include your Payment Method options. If you would like to update or add your payment method please follow these steps: 

Login > My Account > Payment Setup tab > click Add New Card > enter your card details and save! Here is a short video from a demonstration site on how to add a card to your account!

Please note that when you add a Payment Method to the website it will give you a list of options for that method; you can select from a series of options as to how you'd like that method to be used. Below is a quick run down of what all three of those options mean. 

"Use for Fees Associated with Your Account" is referring to any recurring fees that you/your family or athletes incur while participating in the Team/"Competitive" side of WVTG. If this option is selected, this will be the method of payment used each month for participation. 

"Use for Classes Specific Fees" is referring to any recurring fees that you/your family or athletes incur while participating in the Classes (NON-COMPETIVE) side of WVTG. This payment method will be used for any classes payments if this circle is selected. 

"Use for On Demand Payments" is referring to having a credit card on file that would allow WVTG the ability to complete an OnDemand charge of your account; generally these charges are outside of the normal monthly dues such as private lessons or leotard purchases. 

Can my athletes spot be reserved for the next session? 

Yes, it can be.  Returning members will have a dedicated registration time 2 weeks prior to open registration that begins one week before the beginning of the next session.

Class Interruption

WVTG reserves the right to remove a child from class if they're disruptive to the point that the instructor cannot teach the class effectively.

Level of Difficulty

WVTG accommodates all skill levels: from the recreational student to the aspirational competitor to the serious athlete looking for scholarship possibilities.

Registering for a class for the first time?

How to add/change credit card or payment type

Make a credit card payment

Once the first class is held after the trial class we do not offer a refund. We realize that illness, injury, family problems, etc., may at times make this difficult and we may still be able to work a credit on future classes.

Make-ups for Missed Classes
A student who misses a class can make up the class at a different time IF the class is not filled to capacity or if someone is absent.  All classes missed should be made up by the end of the next session. We allow two (2) make-up's per session, per class. If you know in advance that you'll be absent, please let us know, so that we may schedule someone else into a class.

How do I schedule a makeup class?

At the front desk when you come in for your regular class. Once you schedule a makeup, we consider the class made up whether or not you attend the makeup.  You are allowed make up classes per session.

Priority Re-Enrollment   

On the 7th week of a 10 week session, you are able to pre-register through the web portal for the next session. The dates of this re-enrollment period are clearly posted on our website.  There are no exceptions to class maximums.

Gym Closing Aug 2018-Sept 2019

  • Vigo County School Corporations Snow Days 
  • Turkey Break          Nov 21st-24th
  • Christmas Break      Dec 22-Jan 5th 2019
  • Spring Break           March 23-31st 2019
  • Memorial Day          May 27th 
  • Labor Day               Sept 2nd