Our Mission

To provide the highest level of EXPERT INSTRUCTION, SAFETY  and  FUN, with EVERY Athlete in EVERY sport, EVERY day.  

We offer classes for all ages and skill levels within our programs.

  • Competitive Cheerleading for all skill levels

  • Competitive and Recreational Tumbling

  • Competitive, Recreational and Preschool Gymnastics

  • Ninja Nation Obstacle Course Training

We safety certify all coaches in their respective programs. All coaches are Professional Members of their respective organizations and are required to attend clinics and take a written exam based on knowledge in their area of expertise in order to become certified by the organization. WVTG also certifies all coaches in CPR every 2 years.

WVTG strives to provide a positive experience for athletes. Safety, in a fun environment, is our number one priority! We offer a fun and safe environment for your child to express their creativity and athleticism, while also learning about teamwork. We strive to promote the physical and spiritual development of athletes through Gymnastics, Tumbling & Cheer. We are dedicated to providing a rewarding and encouraging experience through team building and learning about teamwork!


Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics recognizes that all athletes succeed at different rates. Students are placed in appropriate class or group based on ability. All instructors make a sincere effort to ensure that each gymnast experiences success.

Methods and Progression

Progression techniques are used to promote the student's learning and safety.  It may seem that the gymnast is not progressing, or is repeating previous skills. It must be remembered, that the gymnast must master basic skills before moving to more advanced ones. 

Are all gymnastics facilities the same?

Of course not! At Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics, we strive to provide the best experience possible, but in the end, only you can decide if we are right for your situation.

Who is teaching your child?

When we look for new staff members and gymnastics teachers, we first look for people who truly love children. We can teach the skills and supply the technical information, but we can’t teach people to genuinely love children and love to teach children. We hold monthly in-house training sessions for all staff members. Training topics range from class organization to teaching advanced skills. We also send staff to national-level training annually or bring in national-level trainers to train our staff in-house.

Our senior Gymnastics staff members are required to have:

  • a current safety certification in Gymnastics Coaching,
  • passed a national background check
  • current Safesport certification.

Can I watch my child?

Absolutely! All activities can be viewed from our main lobby area or from the upstairs observation area.

Is my child safe while in class?

Safety is our #1 priority in gymnastics. Of course, all activities involving height and motion involve a risk of injury. To help minimize the risk to your child, all of our instructors are trained in gymnastics safety, basic first aid, and class discipline techniques.

Will my child have fun in class?

Yes. Although we do have competitive programs in gymnastics and tumbling & trampoline for the more serious students, our goal is not to make every child the next Olympic gold medalist.

We strive to give every student the essential life skills necessary to succeed in whatever they choose to do in their lives. We aim to develop your child’s sense of self-discipline and self-respect, teamwork, and creativity, all while helping them to become physically fit and recognize the importance of exercise in their lives. We do all this while making sure every child has a great time!