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Alligator Aquatics is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization with more than 140 youth athletes involved in our competitive program. Maintaining a high quality of aquatic programming while keeping our fees affordable for athletes is an ongoing challenge for Alligator Aquatics. Providing the value of good sportsmanship and providing physical, emotional, and intellectual skills to last a lifetime begins with retention of top-notch coaches. The cost of keeping our program doors open only happens through the assistance of corporate sponsorships, local businesses, and individual donations from people like you, and it is because of you that we are able to keep this important program alive and thriving within the Arlington Heights community and beyond. Please consider donating today!
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Corporate and Business Sponsorship Program
Do you want your business to become an Alligator Aquatics Sponsor? There are many advertising and feel-good benefits of Corporate Sponsorship;  join the ranks of great businesses supporting our team. Please use these forms and get started today!
Have The Company You Work for Match Your Donation
Did you know the company you work for probably has a gift-matching program?  What's that you say? Yes, it's true! When an employee makes a not-for-profit tax-deductible donation to an organization or cause they believe in, some companies offer a 1-1 gift matching program. Some companies also pay you for your volunteer hours (that includes timing at swim meets!).  To understand more, please read the article below. Take 5 minutes out of your work-day to inquire within your company today.  After making your own donation, your company will provide the forms or weblink you need to make your donation DOUBLE today!  Please contact [email protected] with any questions or further information your company may need to make the transaction happen. Let's make our donations grow! For more information, visit:

Got questions? Contact our Fundraising Chair at [email protected].