2018 – 2019 Program Handbook

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Co Owner

Rich Wilson


Co Owner

Matt Barley


Welcome to Paragon Performance Sports! Paragon Performance Sports is a recreational competitive cheer program devoted to the development of confident, strong athletes through positive team culture built on dedication, determination, discipline and dreams. At Paragon Performance Sports, we are one family and we know that we cannot be successful without the support of our athletes and their families.

Our staff is committed to providing a safe environment where athletes feel that they belong and are encouraged to grow both athletically and personally; all while fostering a love of cheerleading and creating memories to last a lifetime! We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of coaching by obtaining and maintaining their certifications and staying up to date on the latest changes in safety rules, scoring, coaching and performance trends.

Athletes agree to be “ready to go” mentally and physically when practice begins. They acknowledge that they will be expected to work hard and accept corrections given to improve their performance and reduce risk of injury. Athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively upon themselves, their families, and Paragon Performance Sports – on and off the mat. They agree to display respect and good sportsmanship to each other, the staff, and our competitors at all times. Athletes agree to read and abide by the Rules and Regulations set forth in the Program Handbook.

Parents agree to support their athlete by being their biggest fans! Parents understand that staff decisions are final and are in the best interest of the team as a whole. Parents will agree to demonstrate respect to all athletes, staff and other parents and promote positive sportsmanship by way of example at all times. Our parents agree to discuss any and all problems or concerns related to Paragon Performance Sports program, staff, athletes, or other parents directly with the Staff and will not publicly air grievances should any arise. Parents agree to read and abide by all Rules and Regulations set forth in the Program Handbook.

Athlete & Parent Conduct

Together, we strive to teach our athletes respect and sportsmanship in a positive, safe environment. We expect that the utmost respect will be shown to teammates, coaches, visitors and family members at all times whether in the gym, at a competition or away from the program.

• Profanity, abusive language, inappropriate photos or behavior, and bullying will not be tolerated in any platform.

• Paragon Performance Sports will not tolerate any negative comments about our program or other programs, teams, coaches, athletes or other parents.

• No athlete has a right to any particular role or location on a team or in a routine. This is a team sport where each individual plays a vital role. Athletes will be placed to maximize the opportunity for success of the entire team. Expressing your dissatisfactions of placement on teams or in routines will not be permitted.

• Should you have any questions or concerns about this, please communicate this to Rich or Matt at an appropriate time and in a respectful manner. Immediately before/after or during practice is not an appropriate time.

• Negativity shown or spoken about how your athlete is coached to anyone other than a Coach or Program Management will not be permitted.

• Threatening to quit and/or discussing quitting with other Program parents or athletes will not be permitted.

• Do not coach or attempt to communicate with your athlete from the viewing area. Program staff are trained and certified to coach effectively and safely. Distracting your athlete increases the risk to themselves and others.

• Children who are not in a class or team are to be supervised at all times.

• There is to be no personal or business use of the Paragon Performance Sports name, team names, or logo without specific written permission from the owners.

• Be respectful of the facility by placing all trash in the proper receptacles and cleaning up after yourself.

In the event that one of the aforementioned rules of conduct have been broken, there will be a scheduled meeting with Rich and Matt to identify the cause of the action. Continued infractions will not be tolerated.  

*Paragon Performance Sports staff reserves the right to close the viewing area at any time at their discretion.*

Attendance Policy

Competitive cheerleading is a team sport; therefore, a single team member’s absence affects the entire team! Athletes are expected to practice and compete as a team, making each member’s attendance necessary for the success of the team. Given the majority age of our athletes this commitment is best practiced by the parents of our athletes.

Excused Absence - Due to a diagnosed contagious illness, a school function that results in a grade, 30 day notice of absence, or custody agreements. Documentation is required. All other absences are unexcused.

• All summer/holiday absences due to family visitation/custody rights must be made known immediately. Athletes are expected to be at all summer practices and performances with the exception of an approved Absence Request Form.

• An Absence Request Form must be completed and turned in 30 days prior to a planned absence.

• An unexcused absence may result in the Athlete being moved to an alternate position and/or being pulled from an upcoming performance at the discretion of the Paragon Performance Sports. A written warning will also be issued. A second occurrence is grounds for dismissal from the Program. Dismissal will result in $200 early termination fee being applied and remainder of competition fees becoming due immediately. There are no “make-up” practices for practices missed. No refunds or credits will be given!

• Withholding an Athlete from practice (or competition) should never be used as a form of punishment. You are not only punishing your child, but every other team member, coach and parent on that team. This will result in an unexcused absence.

• Athletes must still attend practice if ill/injured. S/he will not be required to participate, but must be present. If an Athlete has been diagnosed with a contagious illness, is vomiting, or has a fever of 101 or greater; the Athlete may stay home but must inform his/her coach as soon as possible and a doctor’s note is required to be considered excused.

• ALL PRACTICES TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO A COMPETITION ARE MANDATORY. If the Athlete misses a practice in the two weeks prior to a scheduled competition, s/he will be written out of the routine and may be dismissed from the program. No Refunds or Credits will be issued and Early Termination fees will be applied and due immediately. Should an athlete be written out of, or replaced in, the routine due to an unexcused absence, the athlete will still be required to attend the competition.


In the event that an Athlete is injured at home or during other extra-curricular activities, we ask that you notify Staff as soon as possible. We will re-choreograph routines based on the Athlete’s injury and length of recovery. Once the Athlete has fully recovered, s/he may or may not be choreographed back into the same place in the routine. Placements are made at the Staff’s discretion and are final. Injured Athletes must continue to pay their monthly tuition and team fees.

• Injured Athlete will not be allowed to resume cheerleading participation until they are cleared by a physician in writing.

• If an Athlete is required to wear any type of brace, it needs to be worn every practice, event and competition. Athlete will not be permitted to participate if brace is not worn (unless physician’s note clearing Athlete has been provided)

• If an Athlete is chronically complaining of a specific ailment at practices or competitions, the Staff will inform the parent/guardian of the need for Athlete to be evaluated by a physician. The Parent/Guardian has the right to refuse; however in that circumstance parent/guardian understands that Staff retains the right to deny participation of the injured Athlete in any Program activities in order to prevent the risk of further injury to the Athlete. Athlete may return to activities upon the Program receiving medical clearance.

• Physician’s notes excusing an Athlete from participation must include the following details: reason for not being able to participate, date of injury, activity restrictions and allowances, projected date Athlete may return to regular activity, signature and phone number of physician. This also applies to Athletes being medically cleared to return to activity AFTER INJURY.

• Injured Athletes are still required to attend every practice, event and competition for so long as they remain a member of the Program.

Other Extra-Curricular Activities Arrangements may be made to accommodate both the individual and the team when adequate notice is given. Please see Rich or Matt to discuss what arrangements, if any, can be made. While we will do our best to work with extra-curricular activities, if the coach of the extra-curricular activities refuses to work with us, you may have a decision to make. Remember, excessive unexcused absences may result in the Athlete being written out of the routine and/or dismissed from the Program and no refunds or credit will be given.


• Athletes are expected arrive 15 minutes prior to practice.  2 Tardies = 1 unexcused absence. Tardy = arriving >5 minutes after scheduled start of practice.

• Proper practice clothing is to be worn at all times. The selected practice wear is chosen to be form fitting to prevent fingers, hands and feet from being caught in loose clothing. Athletes in incorrect clothing/colors make it difficult for Staff to visually evaluate choreography, formations, and other skills. Arriving in the wrong practice wear will result in 10 minutes of extra practice.

• NO JEWELRY is to be worn during practices. This includes earrings, body piercings, watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

• Hair is to be pulled back securely in a high ponytail. Please do not use hard clips or barrettes to secure fly-aways. Classic bobby pins or Goody’s classic snap clips are okay.

• Cheer shoes are NEVER to be worn OUTSIDE THE GYM! This is to increase safety by ensuring proper grip as well as maintaining the integrity of our equipment.

Financial Commitment

All monthly tuition and team fees are to be paid on time online through our website. Payments made in person may be made by cash or check prior to the 1st of each month. Checks should be made out to Paragon Performance Sports. In the event a check is returned, a $35 returned check fee will be applied and no further checks will be accepted. All payments require a receipt. Paragon Performance Sports is not responsible for lost cash payments without a receipt.

• Every account is required to have a credit card on file. This card will be charged on the 11th of each month if tuition and team fees are not paid. It will also be charged immediately upon dismissal voluntarily or involuntarily for all fees to include any outstanding balance, early termination fee, and remaining balance of competition fees.

• Tuition and competition fees are due on the 1st of each month. Every athlete pays the same amount in competition fees regardless of when they join the team. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a $35 late fee will automatically be applied to your account and your Athlete will not be permitted to participate in any P.P.S. activities until account balance is brought current.

• In the event that Tuition Fees are not paid in full by the 15th day of the month, Athlete will be dismissed from the Program, $200 re-choreography fee will be applied and balance of competition fees will be charged immediately to the card on file. No refunds or credits will be given.

• All accounts delinquent for 45 days or more will initiate collection proceedings. Delinquent accounts will continue to accrue scheduled late fees until account is paid in full. Guarantor will be responsible for all past due fees and all fees associated with collection of past due balance.

• If your account is delinquent, Paragon performance Sports reserves the right to the following:

*withhold services, i.e. private lessons, classes, etc. *withhold uniforms, practice wear, warm-up, etc. *withhold gear and pre-order purchases

• In the event an athlete is removed from the Program, voluntarily or involuntarily, a $200 re-choreography fee will be applied, the remaining balance of competition fees becomes due and the credit card on file will be charged immediately.

Competition Information

Paragon performance Sports will prepare a preliminary competition schedule for the year as quickly after registration as possible. However, as the season progresses, there may be changes and updates depending on competition companies. Practices for holiday breaks are set at the beginning of the season so that travel and family plans can be made accordingly. While we will do everything in our power to NOT make changes to the schedules, additional practices may be added throughout the year. If we call extra practices, it is because they are NEEDED to maximize the team’s chance for success.

• Entry fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

• Athletes/Families are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations when attending competitions. Athletes are expected to stay at the team hotel for all two-day competitions and any bid events as it boosts team morale and allows for additional practices, parent meetings, and information regarding any changes to be relayed quickly. Team hotel fees will be charged to your account and are due 30 days prior to the competition. Team events during competition weekends are mandatory and any personal plans for sightseeing must be made around the team events.

• Paragon performance Sports families are asked to sit together at competitions in order to to keep Athletes together and to communicate quickly to all parents/guardians. This is the location Athletes will be returned to following their performance.

• Failure to show up for a competition will result in immediate dismissal from program.

Competition Attire

• No jewelry is allowed at any time during a competition. This includes, but is not limited to: earrings, navel rings, other body piercings, necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, rings and anklets. No new piercings after October 1st. Athletes WILL NOT be allowed to wear jewelry, spacer, or anything similar. Bandages and tape to cover are not an option.

• Uniforms are to be worn completely and properly. This means skirts and tops are to remain zipped and buttoned. Sleeves are to remain down, not pushed up. Warm- ups may be worn in the venue when not actively headed to or from the warm up room/competition floor.

Awards Ceremonies

• All Athletes must be present and in full uniform for his/her team’s award ceremony. This includes shoes with make-up, bow and hair in the chosen team style.

• All Athletes and Families are to display a high level of respect and sportsmanship, applaud for every team and congratulate all winners.

Other Competition Information

• We expect each Athlete to watch and cheer for all Paragon performance Sports teams. This means Athletes may have to arrive earlier/stay later than necessary for their own team’s performance and awards.

• Athletes, Parents, relatives and friends are NEVER allowed to speak with competition officials for ANY reason. If you have an issue or concern to address about a competition, please contact an Paragon performance Sports Staff member. Parents/Guardians are never allowed to represent Paragon performance Sports without specific written permission from our Staff.

• Poor sportsmanship by athletes or family members will not be tolerated. If there is an occurrence there will be a meeting with Rich and Matt to state what occurred. Continued infractions will result in dismissal.

• Remind 101 is the app we use for communication on competition days. Please download the free app and join your team’s group.

Communication It is our goal to provide clear and open communication between the Program Staff, Athletes and Parents. Please keep all contact information on file current.

• Facebook will be used in addition to email and Remind 101. You may request to join by searching “Paragon Performance Sports - Team Chat”. This is a private group and is only for Program Staff, Athletes and Parents. Profanity, abusive language, inappropriate photos or behavior, and bullying will not be tolerated. Negative comments about athletes, teams, coaches, other parents, the program, or other programs will not be tolerated.

• Gym Closings will be announced via methods above and generally follow USD 383.

• Telephonic communication will be used in the event of an emergency and as a secondary form of communication if we need a response to an email. Please make sure we have the correct number on file.

•Paragon performance Sports assumes no responsibility for an Athlete before or after any scheduled program activity. Any Athlete dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to Program Activities and/or not picked up within 15 minutes of activity ending will have a $1/per minute fee automatically added to their account. Athlete will not be allowed to participate in any subsequent practices or events until the late pick-up fee is paid.

Privacy Notice

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Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

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We will use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request, e.g. to ship an order.

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Your Access to and Control Over Information

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