Weekly News 1/7

Owen Wilcox

Dear NPAC Parents,

     WOW! What a weekend at the pool, many different pools! Congrats to all of our divers on another fantastic meet, last one before champs.  Congrats to the boys’ team for winning their meet vs. UDAC and to the girls’ team for tying their tri-meet earning the title of Co-League Division Champions!

  1. This week's news 01/07/24-01/13/24:
  2. Practice schedules this week are normal EXCEPT for NAVY. Please remember to pick your child/children up promptly at the end of practice.
    1. ALL Navy- Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 6:05-6:45 pm
    2. White 1 & 2- Monday- Friday 6:35-7:45pm
    3. Columbia1- Monday- Friday 7:45-9.15 pm
    4. Columbia 2- Monday- Friday 7:15-9:15pm
  3. Diving Practice this week:
    1. Boys & Girls
      1. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday - 6:00-8:00pm
  4. Diving Information:
    1. League and individual champs:
      1. There will be a parent information session on champs this Tuesday at 6pm with April Welsh.  Any questions, please contact April at [email protected] .
      2. Saturday, January 20th & Sunday, January 21st
      3. Location is North Penn HS- time TBD
  5. US Meet Information:
    1. New Years Meet- January 13th & 14th
      1. Sign-up genius for New Years Meet https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C084AA9A728A4F8C25-46341566-usmeet#/
      2. Sessions 1& 3- arrival time 6:40am, warm-up time 7:00am, start time 8:00am
      3. Sessions 2 & 4- Arrival time 12 noon, warm up time 12:15pm, start time- 1:00pm
    2. UDAC closed invite on February 16th-18th
      1. ALL changes are due by January 22th.
    3. Valentine’s Mini Meet & Valentine’s Sprint Meet
      1. ALL changes are due by January 17th.
    4. KA Penguin Plunge & Penguin
      1. ALL changes due by January 26th.
    5. For all US Meet changes please email Julie Haas at [email protected]

6.     US Job Requirements:

a.     There are still some families who have not signed up for the required amount of volunteer positions for the New Years meet.  Please remember if you have a swimmer participating you need to sign up for 2 positions

b.     Volunteer sign-ups are now closed, please reach out if you have any questions or need to add volunteer positions.

c.     New Years Meet Volunteering: Please double check that you are signed up for the required amount of volunteering spots for the New Years meet.  Requirements are listed here: North Penn Aquatic Club - SAL Volunteer Requirements (gomotionapp.com)

d.     We really need some families to assist us with meet set up /clean up as well as overseeing our hospitality area for officials and coaches..  Both jobs are great for families who might not have a swimmer participating in the meet. 

e.     Any questions regarding US Volunteering please contact Melissa Smithers at [email protected] 

7.     SAL Job Requirements

  1. Any questions about your job fulfillments, please contact your SAL Rep:

                                               i.     Girls’ rep- Catherine Shields- [email protected]

                                             ii.     Boys’ rep- Anne Lao- [email protected]

  1. SAL Division & League Champs
    1. Swimmers are allowed to swim a total of 3 individual events and two relays between both “A” and “B” champs. 
    2. To qualify for champs, your swimmer needs to have competed in 40% of the dual meets which is a minimum of 2 dual meets.
    3. “A” Champs at North Penn HS

                                               i.     Sunday, January 28th, 2024- boys in the am, girls in the pm

                                             ii.     This champs is for the top 18 swimmers, with 2 alternates, in the league in each age group event.

                                           iii.     All swimmers should check the SAL Top 50 List to see if they are close to qualifying for League Champs (top 24 will be considered). If your swimmer is an alternate in Leagues (A’s), they can still swim those individual events in Divisions (B’s). The events swimmers are not eligible to swim in Leagues (A’s), they can swim at Divisions (B’s). Everyone qualifies for Division Champs (B’s).

  1. “B” Champs Saturday, January 20th, 2024
    1. Swimmers need to declare for “B” champs and choose 3 individual events they would like to swim. If your child is willing to swim in a relay, please put this information in the “Notes” section on the declaration page.
    2. Girls @ Souderton HS- Jobs are live, please sign up to volunteer.
    3. Boys @ PennRidge HS- Jobs are live, please sign up to volunteer.
    4. All swimmers are eligible to swim at “B” champs unless they qualified for certain events in “A” champs.
  2. Here are the links for the SAL Top 50 Times (times are not final until after January 7th, 2024):
    1. Boys- https://suburbanaquatic.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/tmittevent.pdftopboystimes12-14-23.pdf
    2. Top 25 Boys Relays- https://suburbanaquatic.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/tmrttevent.pdftopboysrelays12-14-23.pdf
    3. Girls- https://suburbanaquatic.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/top-50-individual-times-121523.pdf
    4. Top 25 Girls Relays- https://suburbanaquatic.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/top-25-relays-121523.pdf
  3. All Swimmers need to declare for BOTH League (A) & Division Champs (B) no matter their status on the Top 50 List.
  4. Once this information is made available in Team Unify:
    1. Please declare as soon as you know if you will be attending Champs. Swimmers can select up to 3 individual events.
    2. Please make sure to note if your swimmer is willing to swim in a relay – coaches will determine the relays.
    3. For A’s, swimmers need to add in the NOTES their Top 3 Individual events they want to swim.
    4. Swimmers that may qualify for more than 3 events in League Champs need to communicate to Coach Lisa or Coach Maura which 3 they intend to swim or add in the NOTES section on TU.
  5. Some swimmers may qualify to swim events in both Champs. Please declare your events or add your notes accordingly in TU.
  6. Some swimmers may not qualify for League Champs (A’s), but their relay team might.  In this case, they would swim their individual events in Divisions (B’s) and Relay in Leagues (A’s).
  7. Coaches will be speaking individually with all swimmers that qualify for League Champs (A’s)


**Joke of the week: How much does it cost to swim with sharks?

Answer- An arm and a leg

**If your athlete would like to see their joke in the weekly newsletter, please contact Kristen Silverman at [email protected]

Thank you all for your support!  Please reach out with any questions or concerns you are having, and we will do our best to respond ASAP.


NPAC Board