Frequently Asked Questions

What time should we be at the Events / Performances?

Schedule information from each Event / Performance is generally released the week prior. As soon as we receive the information, an email will be sent to each family stating the meeting time, place, and any other information needed for the event.

Can my daughter fly?

The coaching staff will determine the stunt positioning of each athlete. All cheerleaders are highly encouraged to learn the techniques of all stunt positions. Any cheerleaders interested in flying should enroll in the Flyer Stretch/Technique Class.

Can I take a Extra tumbling class?

Tumbling classes/Open Gyms are to be taken at EXCLUSIVE METRO CHEER APPROVED sites. All classes taken will be at an additional discounted cost to the member athletes.

If my child gains a new tumbling skill, will she move to a higher level team?

Only in very rare occasions will the coaching staff decide to move a cheerleader to a higher level team during the season. However, the cheerleader will move up a level in tumbling class once the new skill is consistent and demonstrated with good technique.

When will my child get their championship jackets, medals, backpacks, etc.?

The time that the cheerleaders receive their gifts may vary from competition to competition. In most cases, we will try to distribute them at the competition venue. If the competition company ships the 1st place winnings to the gym, we will distribute the gifts at the practice after we have received them.

Can I be a Team Mom or Team Dad?

Team Mom & Team Dad Applications with a list of duties will be available at Commitment Day.

What do you have for the Dads?

Our METRO CHEER DAD’s CREW will play a special role at Competitions and Special Events. Volunteers wanted!

How do you select the All-Star Prep teams?

Teams will be limited to 25 athletes (boys & girls) per team. First come, First Served.

Can my daughter get bad grades and still be on the team?

Absolutely Not! We will require quarterly copies of report cards from every athlete in our program. Outstanding Grades & Citizenship are required in order to remain in good standing and keep your position on the team.