FORCE Fighting and Fitness is a full service one-stop shop to train your Body, Mind, and Spirit.  And training is done the old fashioned way... Lifting heavy things, testing yourself against other like minded people, preparing yourself for the dangerous world we live in, and building from solid foundations, tested by time...and battle!

  • Definition of FORCE
  • strength or energy exerted or brought to bear
  • moral or mental strength
  • capacity to persuade or convince the force of the argument
  • military strength
  • violence, compulsion, or constraint exerted upon or against a person or thing
  • an agency or influence that if applied to a free body results chiefly in an acceleration of the body
  • to do violence
  • to compel by physical, moral, or intellectual means
  • to make or cause especially through natural or logical necessity
  • to press, drive, pass, or effect against resistance or inertia
  • to achieve or win by strength in struggle or violence

All these definitions may not apply to you, but some probably do.

Our Offerings

At FORCE Fighting and Fitness we offer a bevy of options for your needs and wants.  These resources  are offered at NO CHARGE for members.  Some additional or similar courses and access  will also be offered to non-members (fee charged) on occasion.

  • High Intesity Interval Training (HIIT) and Strength/Conditioning with:
    • Free Weights
    • Cable machine
    • Kettle bells
    • Battle Ropes
    • Rings
    • Plyo boxes
    • Unconventional Excercise equipment
    • Jump Ropes
    • Treadmill
  • Private area to recover from injury, or learn to be more active and gain strength at your own pace using resitance bands and smaller weights
  • 500 square feet of mat space for:
    • Jiu Jtsu
    • Yogo
    • Other martial arts
    • Cardio Kick Boxing
  • Separate and safe Indoor Simunition/Airsoft range with:
    • Multiple lighting and no light environments
    • Close Quarter Battle/Home Defense landscape
    • Pistol and Rifle ready
  • Outdoor Space for:
    • Additional HIIT and Strength and Conditioning opportunities
    • Sprints
    • Vehicle operations in the simunition/airsoft space
    • Vehicle extraction/self defense scenarios
  • 24 Hour video surveillance
  • Extended daily hours 7 days a week, and 24 hour access upon request and approval
  • Privacy screened windows
  • Climate controlled
  • Software (GoMotion App) to ease any and all details associated with memebrship
  • Family owned and operated
  • Veteran Owned and Operated

Become a member today and see what FORCE can do for you!


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Co-Owner Jason Christensen recently completed the highly coveted Gracie Survial Tactics Level One Instructor Course in Omaha, NE. 




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