5865 433rd Street
Harris, MN 55032

Summer 2020 {JUNE}


Flyaways North Gymnastics 2020 SUMMER CAMP & TEAM TRACK Registration 

1) Complete this entire process. Read and sign the RELEASE, IDEMINIFCATION AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT FORM. This Form must be completed before your child may attend class.

2) Flyaways North Gymnastics reserves the right to close, move or shorten a class due to class size or scheduling needs. We will contact you if your child's class is moved, canceled or full; otherwise you may assume your registration is accepted. 

3) This registration commits you for 1 Week Camp or Team Track Summer Season (Tricks: through Summer 2020) (Pre-Team-Plaitnum: June 1, 2020-May 30th 2021.) {Gym will be closed July 6th-9th} Tuition is due (Auto Run on the 1st of every month) by the 7th of EVERY month or a $10 late fee will be assessed. An automatic withdrawl for tuition is available for your account.

Early withdraw from Team Track will result in additional fees.