Progressive Classes

Our progressive levels allow for gymnasts to learn skills in a logical progression, from basic skills that require no previous gymnastics experience, all the way up to advanced skills that prepare a gymnast for pre-team and competitive gymnastics.  The apparatus include: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and Tumble Trak

Level evaluations are performed a few weeks before the end of a session to determine proper class placement for the next session.  If you are new to our program and unsure of your child’s level, please contact us.  We may recommend a quick, free evaluation to determine the best level placement for your child if your child has previous gymnastics experience.

Class Descriptions:


No experience necessary.  Must be 5 years old.  Skills include: bridge, forward roll, cartwheels, walking on beam, landing shapes, front support on bars, and wall walker pullovers on bars. Class is 55 minutes.


Must have passed Beginner 1 or have director approval. Skills include: back bend, connected cartwheels, handstand forward roll, handstands on low beam, pullover using 1 leg on wall, and chin hang on bars. Class is 55 minutes.


Must have passed Beginner 2 or have director approval. Skills include: back bend kick over, handstand to bridge, round off, pike dive roll on vault, cartwheel on low beam, pull over on bars, and back hip circle on bars. Class is 85 minutes.


Must be at least 10 years old and/or passed Beginner II.  This class is designed to be a smaller class to obtain the skills at a faster rate.  Main skills are the same as Advanced Beginner. Class is 85 minutes.


Must have passed Advanced Beginner or Intermediate, or have director approval. Skills include: connected cartwheel to back bend kick over, back handspring on octagon, full turn on low beam, handstand on high beam, cartwheel on low beam, round off dismount off beam, 3 pull ups and 3 leg lifts, toe on under swing on bars, and continuing to master a clean pull over and back hip circle on bars. Class is 85 minutes.


This level is by invitation only.  Mini-Jags was developed as a fast-track program to accelerate athletes who show high potential to progress to the pre-team level at a faster speed.  There is a strong emphasis on strength building, repetition of skills, and dedication to consistent class attendance. Class is 85 minutes.