About MFSC

About the Maplewood Figure Skating Club
The Maplewood Figure Skating Club is a member of US  Figure Skating and skates at several rinks located primarily in the East Metro Area of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The MFSC is also a member of the Twin Cities Figure Skating Association (TCFSA). Along with Basic Skills Skating Lessons, the MFSC offers lessons in Freestyle, Ice Dance, Moves in the Field and presently has four Synchronized Skating Teams - Intermediate, Open Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile and Beginner. The MFSC hosts the Maplewood Fall Classic Competition in September, the Maplewood Synchronized Skating Classic in December and presents a Spring Show in May.

A great place to skate and grow!
Our goal as a figure skating club is to provide the best environment possible for learning and enjoying the many aspects of our wonderful sport. We are a part of a national governing body - US Figure Skating, which has specific rules and guidelines we must follow. While this promotes uniformity, each club maintains its own personality and puts its own stamp on the sport. 

At Maplewood, we recognize that our skaters have many interests, one of which is figure skating. As long as a skater wants to devote an hour or more a week to skating, we have a place for them. We provide test sessions, a spring show, exhibitions and we are the home of the Maplewood Highsteppers, our synchronized skating teams. The MFSC offers special clinics, ice dance, off-ice enhancement and power skating. Our Basic Skills program gives hundreds of children (and some adults) a strong foundation of skating skills that they can build on in many directions. When you are choosing where to pursue your goals in figure skating, look carefully at your choices. They run the gamut from totally unstructured open skating to the closed pro, skating level restricted system of the elite clubs. The MFSC falls somewhere between those two extremes.

The MFSC is family oriented. We have safety rules and special equipment (harnesses and video cameras). Contract ice is available year-round. Through your membership, you receive a bi-monthly newsletter informing you of upcoming events, competitions, test and competition results, US Figure Skating rule changes and other interesting skating news in and around the world of figure skating. In addition to our annual competitions and Spring Show, we have a Holiday party, a Spring banquet, and participate in community parades, activities which both club members and Basic Skills skaters may participate in. There are numerous opportunities for parents and skaters to volunteer. In other words, we try to encourage our skaters to explore as much and as far into the figure skating world as they would like. When you choose the Maplewood Figure skating Club, we ask that you remember that the club is only as strong as the commitment of its members.

Area Ice Rinks:

Polar Arena

Located next to North High School

1 ice sheet - 200ft x 85 ft

Open September to May


2444 11th Avenue East

North St. Paul


Brad Martinson - Manager

Phone: 651-748-6292

Fax: 651-748-6291

Vadnais Sports Center

2 NFL Regulation ice sheets

Open Year Round


1490 E. County Road E

Vadnais Heights

Manager: Randy Peake

Phone: 651-481-1000

Tartan Arena

Located next to Tartan High School

2 ice sheets - 200ft x 85 ft

Open year round

740 Greenway Avenue


Brad Martinson - Manager

Phone: 651-714-9251

Fax: 651-714-9252 

Aldrich Arena

ice sheet - 200ft x 85ft

1850 North White Bear Avenue
Maplewood, MN 55109

Garry Palfe
Tom Moriarty


Fax: 651-748-2508 

Other Local Rinks

Check out rinkfinder.com for other local metro rinks