All-Access Membership Policies
All members MUST scan in using your phone/fob every time you enter the building, even if the other door is unlocked. The only exception is when there are multiple members from the same family, then just one person needs to complete this process. Visits are closely monitored as we want to ensure the amenities are reserved for training and for paying members.
Anyone who brings in additional non-members without prior approval is subject to a $50 fine, membership suspension, and possible membership termination at which point they will still be required to pay what's remaining on their legally binding contract. The only time non-members can enter the gym and/or batting cage area, is if they are there actively working with a trainer/coach, facility rental, or receive prior guest approval (details below).
Nobody under the age of 16 is permitted without an adult present.
Also, standard members are each allowed one guest pass per month as part of your membership benefits. Premium members are each allowed two guest passes per month. In order to bring a guest in, you must email us the following information and have received an email back with our approval. Our email address is
  • Name and age of your guest(s)
  • Date/time you plan on bringing them with you 
  • They must have completed a waiver on our website
    • Please provide the email address that was used for the waiver so we can verify prior. 

Dr. Dish shooting machines are reserved ONLY for All-Access Premium members. Anyone using the machine who is NOT a "Premium" member, will be notified and charged as such.

You are allowed to bring in your own trainers ONLY if you have received prior email approval from The Lab Athletic. Otherwise, they are considered unapproved guests.

ALL cancellations require 30-day notice given via email to If you cancel after the first of a month, you will be billed for the following month. You retain access through the end of the last month for which you were billed. 

No refunds will be provided if you do not follow the policies within.

   Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.