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Natural Impact of O'Fallon, Missouri is more than just a cheer gym.  We offer tumbling classes, haircare, beauty enhancements, and facility rentals.  We impact lives with natural vitality through the exuberance of physical strength and mental agility! Our certified fitness trainers, cheer coaches and tumbling coaches are equipped to provide individual or group programs, classes, and coaching designed to reach skill and wellness goals safely and effectively.  Our coaching technique and experience give people of all ages and abilities a chance to progress and develop to a higher athletic level. Our training or strength and conditioning sessions empower people to face all life's challenges. And to finish it all off our beauty salon, spa, and massage therapist relaxes and revitalizes people to melt away stress.

We offer a wide range of services to keep you in the best shape possible, body & soul. Our approach is simple! Through natural methods of fitness, soft tissue manipulation and a positive mindset; One could increase the value of their life. Natural Impact will help individuals gain self-confidence, improve relationships, and add more success in their lives.

Child Guarantee

  1. You will be met with enthusiasm and passion in a family-oriented atmosphere.

  2. Small class sizes to maximize the learning experience.

  3. Project Design to build self-esteem and confidence in the gym and outside the gym.

  4. To increase physical/mental strength to progressively increase athletic and leadership ability

  5. Expert Experience met with Professionalism and Dignity

  6. Transparency in communicating you or your child's progress as a competitive athlete.

  7. Over 50 years of combined Coaching Experience

Attention Parents.

There is no safe zone here for your Child.  We have a total of NINE WILL’S, Here your child will be molded, through sweat, tears and the real world into the person and leader they were born to be. 


The Five Will’s of Learning


  1. Your child WILL be pushed to the edge and tested to their very limits. 

  2. Your child WILL tap. 

  3. Your child WILL lose.

  4. Your child WILL cry.

  5. Your child WILL want to quit.


The Four Will’s of Success


  1. Your child WILL learn to overcome and persevere

  2. Your child WILL learn to conquer their fears

  3. Your child WILL learn to never give up

  4. Your child WILL learn to fight, not only for themselves but for those who aren’t able to fight. 


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