Due to Covid Restrictions, we are operating at a restricted limit in our schedule, and teacher availability. These are the teachers who are currently working through the Covid restrictions. Sifu Matthew Staley can be contacted directly through his facebook to pursue online training with him through Covid restrictions in the arts of Baguazhang and Hsing I.

Sifu Michael Johnson, CFCWA President
Sifu Michael Johnson is the owner of the school and Head instructor for the Cloud Forest Chin Woo Martial Arts program.  With 27 years as a martial artist, he has dedicated his profession to furthering the education of martial arts to future generations.
Sifu Brandon Spencer, Kung Fu Fighting Master
Sifu Brandon Spencer has dedicated nearly 15 years to learning the most devastating fighting techniques in Shaolin Kung Fu, and has recently opened his teaching to the new modern kickboxing techniques. If you keep a watchful eye out for our news, you can even catch one of his kickboxing fights live. Sifu Brandon devotes a large part of his time instructing our Little Ninjas classes because he believes in developing our children ahead for the future.
Sifu Steve McGowan
Grandmaster Steve McGowan is our Wing Chun expert. Having returned to the United States after 30 years of living Internationally, he is here to teach Wing Chun to those who wish to learn.
Kyoshi James Howell, Grandmaster Goju Ryu Karate
Kyoshi James Howell trains champions. An expert in Goju Ryu Okinawan Karate, of both the traditional and the Peter Urban styles, Grandmaster Howell represents the old school approach to bringing up champions.