Our recreational program is based on a 55 minute class once per week.  The curriculum is set to allow individuals to advance at their pace as far as they would like to go in gymnastics.  Classes are split by age, level, and sex.  Girls gymnastics classes will include work on Balance Beam, Floor, Vault, Uneven Bars, and Trampoline.  Boys Gymnastics classes will include Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, and Trampoline.  


This class is for children ages 18 months to 3 years. The parents are asked to participate and help teach your child. This is an introductory class. It helps with development of gross motor skills and exploration. Work is done on rolling, jumping, swinging, and having fun.


Girls’ Recreational classes are for ages 5 to 16. Girls are divided by age and skill level. They will continue working on strength, flexibility, and the coordination needed to learn typical skills. Developing physical fitness is the main goal of this class.


For those who love to flip or desire to be a cheerleader, this class is perfect. Your child will learn to tumble faster and be more efficient.

Level 1- Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, Round offs, Front walkovers, and Back walkovers
Level 2- Standing back handsprings, Round off back handsprings, Front handsprings
Level 3- Standing series, Round off back handspring tucks, Front tucks, Aerials
Level 4- Standing back tucks, Standing back handspring back tucks, Layouts
Level 5- Everything up to double full

All classes offer a 100% guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your class after the first 30 days, we will refund your tuition and registration.


Boys recreational classes are geared to boys ages 5 through 16. They are split by level. These classes focus primarily on physical fitness. Learning strength, flexibility, and coordination are highly important. Your child will learn skills on all levels.