Girls Rec Gymnastics
Our recreational program is based on a 55 minute class once per week. The curriculum is set to allow individuals to advance at their pace as far as they would like to go in gymnastics. Classes are split by age, level, and sex. Girls gymnastics classes will include work on Balance Beam, Floor, Vault, Uneven Bars, and Trampoline.

Girls’ Recreational classes are for ages 5 to 16. Girls are divided by age and skill level. They will continue working on strength, flexibility, and the coordination needed to learn typical skills. Developing physical fitness is the main goal of this class.
Advanced Girls
Beginner 1 Girls
Beginner 1 girls is an entry level class that introduces your child to gymnastics basics. Each class covers 3 olympic events as well as strength and flexibility.
Beginner 2 Girls
Beginner 2 classes expand on the skills learned in Beginner 1. The skills in these classes require girls to improve strength and flexibility.
Intermediate 1 Girls
Intermediate 2 Girls