Our tumbling classes are split into USASF levels and taught on an 8 to 1 ratio. Each class is designed to challenge your child and improve their technique.
Tumble 1
Tumble 1 is designed to help your child learn the basics of tumbling. Skills covered in this class are forward roll, backward roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Round off, Back Walkover, and Front Walk over. Proper technique and execution are needed to move to Tumble 2.
Tumble 2
In Tumble 2 classes your child will work on: Handstand Forward Rolls, Back Extension Rolls, Standing Back Handspring, Round off Back Handspring, Front Handspring, Round off 2 Back Handsprings, Front handspring Step out Round off Back Handsprings, as well as Round off Back Handspring Step out. All skills must be mastered to move to the next level.
Tumble 3
In Tumble 3 your child will learn: Round Off Back Handspring Back Tuck, Standing 3 Back Handsprings, Front Tuck, Aerial, Front handspring Step out Round off Back handspring back tuck. Proper technique is mandatory in order to move to Tumble 4.
Tumble 4
In tumble 4 you child will learn: Standing Back tuck, Standing Back Handspring Back tuck, Round off Back handspring Layout, Front Handspring Front tuck, Front tuck step out Round off back handspring layout, as well as whips.
Tumble 5
In tumble 5 your child will work on: Standing combinations that end in a Layout, Standing fulls, Round off Back handspring full and double fulls, Arabians, Running tumbling combinations that finish in Full or double full.