An athlete and an athlete’s family must always be a strong representative of Idol Athletics and be a positive reflection of their team.

Abusive behavior, lying or any other form of negative behavior by a parent or athlete is grounds for removal from the gym.

Idol Athletics will not tolerate any negative comments about the program, teams, coaches, athletes, or other parents.

Many people communicate with other parents, cheerleaders and members of other organizations through email, Facebook, Twitter, and message boards. Please remember, anything you say is a direct reflection on Idol Athletics.

If you are found communicating negatively, or sending rude or inappropriate messages you will be subject to immediate removal from the gym.

When informed of a travel schedule, coaches will explain departure dates and arrival times. It is expected that these dates and times are adhered to and all athletes are at practices prior to major competitions.We will notify you in advance if we are adjusting travel dates.

All athletes are expected to be at every practice. Excessive unexcused absences will also not be tolerated and are grounds for removal.


Keeping your Athlete from practice or taking them of our a class should never be an acceptable punishment as it affects the entire class.


We teach our athletes to have time management, this includes having homework done before or after practice. Having an athlete leave practice early or come to practice late should never be an excuse for them to get their homework done.


Threatening to quit and/or discussing quitting with other program parent or athletes will not be permitted and will be grounds for removal.


Do not coach or attempt to communicate with your athlete from the viewing area. Our coaches are trained and certified to coach effectively and safely.


Be respectful of the area by picking up after yourself and leave the area as it was when you first came in.


There is to be no solicitation at Idol Athletics or to the Idol parents or athletes unless you have received permission from the owners. There is to be no personal or business use of the Idol Athletics name/logo.


No gum, food, beverages, street shoes, cell phones, electronics, or jewelry allowed on the floor at practice at any time for any reason. Such items will be confiscated by the coaches and will be picked up by a parent or guardian.


There will be NO arguing or questioning of the coaches’ decisions at practices, competitions or any other event Idol Athletic attends. If you have questions or concerns, please address it at a more appropriate time.

Our main focus is technique and progression.


All athletes no matter what skills they have will begin in our beginner classes and work their way up with their hard work, dedication, and mastery of skills.


Failing to make payments towards tuition and team fees will result in having your athlete sit out of practice during the first month and once the first month has passed and we have yet to receive payment, the athlete will have their account frozen and removed until caught back up.


Idol Athletics reserves the right to change, add, or remove any rule at any time.


A late fee will be charged to any balances that are late and must be paid before your athlete can return to practice.


There is to be no PARENTS in the gym while a class, private, or practice is going on unless authorized by a coach.


All questions, comments, or remarks needs to be addressed before or after a practice, or you can send a coach an email.