We came to Cam and Mark after 6 years at another gym. My daughter had been on a level 1 team for 3 years, but still did not have all of her level 1 skills. 
On our 1st day at With the two of them she learned how to do a front walkover. She completed all of her level 1 skills in 2 weeks. In under 2 months she completed all of her level 2 skills(back handspring, round off back handspring, round off 2 back handsprings, etc). By the end of her first year with the two of them she had her level 3 skills (front punch, round off back tuck, round off backhand spring back tuck, standing multiples). She is now working level 4 and 5 skills. We have been with Cameron and Mark for 3 years and are so glad we came here. The confidence and skills my daughter have gained with them is priceless.

-Erin Willis


Amazing coaches who really care about the kids. They develop a relationship with each and everyone and give them the confidence they need!!



My kids came for a visit to see what they thought and my kids came home in love! They felt so welcomed and at home! We can’t wait to start this first season with Idol Athletics! 


We've worked with Cameron Russell-Byrd for over a year now, he is absolutely amazing. My oldest daughter absolutely adores him. He is the best at what he does. Before coming to him, it took her so long to learn a skill, now with him its not even half the time and she's throwing some crazy thing out and its CLEAN! He's made sure she is able to do her first thing confidently before trying to teach the next skill.




Mark and Cameron are awesome. They really know what they are doing and I recommend them to anyone that is interested. They give their all to the girls and expect that in return. You two Rock......




Kendyl has learned so much from these 2 owners/coaches. Kendyl started cheer with Coach Cam 4 years ago and the amount of growth that she has shown is amazing! We love these guys!