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STUDIO ETIQUETTE: There should be no walking through classrooms when classes are in session. Any visits to the  restrooms or break room should only be done in between classes to minimize class disruptions. Helping to keep the studio clean. Parents should encourage not only their own student, but others as well. Students should also encourage one another. 


PARENT INFRACTIONS:   Some examples are listed here. Talking unkindly to any staff or students. Gossiping. Raising voices in an inappropriate manner.  Interrupting classrooms or discouraging other students. There should be NO PARENT OR STUDENT observations in classrooms, but will be considered on a per basis issue (example: Grandmother in town, 1st time visiter, etc.).


ABSENCES/TARDEES: Please arrive on time and attend each class. Students are granted 3 unexcused absences per half season and unlimited excused absences(school event, doctor/dentist visits, sickness or injury,  and church events). If a students misses more than 6 classes, excused or unexcused, he or she may be required to take a private lesson with his/her instructor at $20 per 30 min private lesson. Please direct message through the studio app or send an email if a student will be missing class due to an excused event.  Absences and tardiness can hold back an entire


IMPORTANT EVENTS/DUE DATES: Take home folders are sent home upon registration and schedule pick-up. Take home folders include calendars for the entire season with very important due dates and events. Other events may come up that are not included on the season calendars sent home. Important upcoming events or due dates are posted on our lobby info wall, our studio app and posted on our website. It is your responsibility to keep track of the upcoming events and due dates. Any and all payments that are made after due dates are subject to late fees.


ATTENDANCE/SCHEDULE: Triple Threat Dance Studio is lined up with the Rowan County School system. When school is out, dance is out.  Days that students are sent home from school due to Inclement Weather, students will also not have dance class that afternoon. Due to low attendance on make up days, Triple Threat Dance Studio will only offer make up days if the school system sets a make up day for school. If you would like to schedule a private lesson, you may do so at discounted rate of 50% off for classes cancelled due to weather(even if a make up day is made by the Rowan County School System), or for teacher work days. PARENTS SHOULD COMMUNICATE THROUG THE STUDIO APP OR VIA EMAIL AT TRIPLETHREAT.DANCE@YAHOO.COM


INSURANCE POLICY: Triple Threat Dance Studio does not carry medical insurance for our students. Our policy requires that all students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs, students will only be covered under their own policy. Student’s own insurance will be the only source of reimbursement.


REFERRAL CREDITS: Refer a friend and upon their registration you will receive a $10 credit for every friend that signs up! $10 credit can go towards tuition or costumes!!


CLASS-WEAR: Students must wear the specific dance wear required for each class. Hair must always be pulled back out of face before participating. We have a “Getting Ready Area” located in our student break room for students to pull back their hair. TTDS provides hair brows, bobby pins and hair spray for students to use so that there is no excuse for their hair not to be up. TTDS does not provide any hair brushes. Students in ballet classes and technique classes should wear leotard, tights and ballet shoes. Students in all other classes should wear appropriate dance clothes or athletic clothes with the appropriate shoes.


CANCELLATION/WITHDRAWAL/SUSPENSION FROM PROGRAM: If a student decides to drop out at any point during the year for any reason, or is suspended from the program, the parent or guardian under contract is still responsible for the remaining balance on the student’s account through the end of contract. Any student that drops out at any point during the season will need to notify the owner, Alexis Lash, at least 30 days prior to next tuition due date and will pay a $50 cancellation fee to withdraw and freeze any additional charges for tuition only for the remainder of the season and does not include any fees found on the costume invoice.  If a parent or guardian has paid in full and chooses to withdraw from the program or is suspended from the program, a refund will only amount to 50% of the remaining tuition balance and the $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from remaining tuition refund balance. Refunds will not include any fees found on the costume invoice. If any student withdraws from the program, but does not pay a $50 cancellation fee, then account with remaining contract balance as well as costume fees and other event related fees are subject to be sent to collections.In the event that Triple Threat Dance Studio must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to Triple Threat Dance Studio, you agree to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees or incidental cost associated with collecting.