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Coaches and Directors
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Alexis Lash Owner/ Professional Dance Instructor


    I have been dancing since the age of 3. I have competed all across the states at both regional and national dance competitions, multiple times a year before I graduated High School. I had the dream of opening a dance studio since I could remember. My dream and vision came true in October of 2015 when God blessed me with the facility for Triple Threat Dance Studio. Having a large split family with 9 siblings all younger than me, I got lots of experience caring and loving for children. I was the child that believed everyone could just be happy all the time without any conflict. Although the world doesn’t work like that, I was eager to create a place where I could share the passion for dance as well as create a place where you are expected to be positive as humanly possible. I have a daily goal to produce a positive atmosphere! I was bullied in middle school, which gave me the burning passion to develop a place where bullying is not tolerated because I know how being bullied can feel. Statistics state that 1 in 4 children are bullied. I try my best to not allow my students to sit in cliques or groups and highly encourage our students to sit with other students who may be sitting alone or with someone who struggles to make new friends. I always try my best to relate to each and every student. I show my students that I care for them by discussing things going on in their personal life at home and at school. I inspire students to put school first, before dance and to always strive to do their best at everything they do. I have sessions during class every few months to just encourage and inspire them,letting them know how much I appreciate them for working hard and not giving up on their goals, how much they can make a difference in the world, and just making sure they know that they are not alone in whatever they may be going through. This is my calling and I love what I do with the students that come through our studio doors. God hasn't taken me this far to just leave me and I give him all the Glory for the awesome transformations in our students. I take pride in developing a personal relationship with each student and not just being their dance teacher, but so much more. A favorite quote of mine is “Some people only dream of meeting their favorite dancer’s, I teach mine”. I would love to meet you and your family personally. Please stop by and visit us at our facility and meet some of our awesome dancer's! 

Michael Lash Administrative Support Manager
Catherine Lash Professional Ballet Instructor

Cathy began her training under the auspices of the Royal Academy of Dancing from her mother, Marion S. Mills, a former professional ballet dancer at the Saddler's Wells in London. Cathy performed professionally in a variety of theatre productions and was a founding member of the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet Company in Louisiana. She served on the company's Board of Directors, while her husband, Mike, served as company president for several years. While in Louisiana, she earned her B.A. in Communication from LSU. She has studied under teachers such as Robert Joffrey, David Howard, Gus Giordano and Joe Tremaine. And, while living in Madrid, Spain, she studied Flamenco dance. Through the years, Cathy has trained many students for their Royal Academy of Dancing exams.

Her studies at the world-renowned Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX began a lifelong desire to greater understand the anatomy and biomechanics of movement, which she enjoys sharing with her students. Cathy teaches the Core Conditioning class, designed for the dancer and everyone desiring a healthy body and strength for life's journey. Her interest in movement goes beyond the dance studio. After five years of study, Cathy, Mike and their three children, Christa, Michael and Sarah, received their black belts in American Mixed Martial Arts. Cathy and Mike, who is now third-degree, helped to train U.S. Naval Sea Cadets, from throughout the country, in self-defense. Cathy and her children also compete in trail-running races throughout North Carolina.

Over the past 30 years, she has graciously shared her technical expertise in a variety of venues throughout the Charlotte, NC area. A beautiful servant's heart and uncompromising expectations for each student's technical best, mark this woman of God.

Cathy and her husband operate Lash Engineering in Matthews, NC and love spending time with their three children!

Dallus Pope Professional Cheer & Gymnatics Coach

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Rylie Kimball Professional Dance Instructor

Rylie is an instructor at Triple Threat Dance Studio, where she’s had the pleasure of teaching tap, jazz, lyrical, and musical theatre to students ages 6-17 beginning in 2016. She started dancing at age 9 and completed her senior year in the 2017-2018 season. Alexis Lash and I have had the opportunity to put our heads together and come up with some fantastic concepts and raise beautiful, passionate dancers. And in turn we’ve been able to create beautiful pieces full of feeling, and some really fun and entertaining numbers as well. My goal in all of this is to raise up dancers who feel every emotion in the book, who are able to find something that moves them in every piece of music they hear, whether it be in jazz, lyrical/contemporary, modern, or even hip hop. We aim to treat every dancer with love and care and instill some of the fire we have, both of us fresh in the industry with a million ideas. Our goal is to raise dancers that are true performers, who are humble and kind to others and encourage them.

Denise Paugh Substitute Professional Dance Instructor


Denise began dancing at the age of 7.  Since that time, she has continued to pursue her passion in dance.  She is a 2003 UNC-Charlotte graduate with a dance education degree.  Previously, Denise has owned and operated her own studio in PA.   She developed the dance education program at Salisbury High School from 2004-2008.    She founded the dance education program at Carson High School and was the sole teacher until the program was ended 2006-2013.   While at Carson, she created the honors dance curriculum for the Rowan-Salisbury schools.   She has choreographed musicals and concerts and has also worked with the special needs programs.   Denise also has theatrical talents, skills which she enjoys bringing into her dances.  She has taught children age 2 through adults in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, contemporary/modern, lyrical.  She has also choreographed liturgical dances for various congregations.   Denise's competition dances have received numerous first place awards.   Denise loves to share her passion of dance with all her students.

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