Summer 4v4
Play real volleyball, play every position, play all the way around, play great competition!

It’s a 4v4 league for players only! Coaches optional! It is the players’ chance to take all the skills they’ve worked so hard on and just play volleyball! It’s a great league to work on that jump serve and play EVERY position! Get a 4v4 team together and sign up today!

Wednesday Divisions (grades for fall 2021)
Lime: 4th -6th grade (lite ball)
Black: 7th-9th grade (heavy ball)
Travel: 7th-9th grade on traveling teams
National: 9th-11th grade on traveling teams

All league dates are 4 weeks consecutively on Wednesdays.

Session 1 May 5th-26th
Session 2: June 2nd-23rd
Session 3: July 7th -28th

July 4v4
June 4v4
May 4v4