Free-Running classes are for boys and girls that want to learn the new free running style.

This fun, unique class teaches the fundamentals of “urban” gymnastics. Commonly used Free-Running techniques include rolls, vaults, dives & climbs. Class will also contain certain strengthening exercises that will help in overall progression. No prior experience is necessary. Be a part of the hottest new sport! Free Running (aka Parkour) is defined as "Getting from one place to another in STYLE". You will learn how to do flips off walls and over them. Any obstacle becomes your playground. This new form of physical fitness combines gymnastics, martial arts, acrobatics and aerialist movements. Come be a part of the most exciting and fastest growing sport in the world.

This class is for children ages (7-17).  We offer 1 hour classes, as well as 2-3 "open gyms" per month.