Believe it or not, it is time to start planning for our 2020 recital. It seems so far away but there are many plans and preparations that need to be made months ahead. The recital is not mandatory, but a choice. Please take the time to consider the Costs and Requirements of the recital prior to paying a recital fee or ordering a recital costume.

ALL RECITAL FEES AND COSTUME FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All regular program classes will perform in either the Friday 6:00 performance or the Saturday 1:00 Performance.  Each recital is approximately 1.5 hours in length. A show line-up will be available at a later date. We cannot guarantee which show your child will be in, so set aside all show times. A.P arts cannot guarantee that any student participating in more than one dance will perform in the same show or that siblings will participate in the same show. But please know that we do take this into consideration when casting the performances.

Tickets and recital fees

Children's level and Junior level Students: There will be a costume fee of $45-$60 per class to purchase your costume. your instructor will let you know what the final cost of that costume is. After the performance the costume is yours to keep. Senior level and Company Students: There will be a $35.00 recital fee to help cover recital costs. (i.e. theater rental, teachers, props, and programs). Senior students do not need to purchase costumes. Recital Fee is Non-Refundable, costume fee is non-refundable if costume has already been ordered. Tickets - Adults $12, Children ages 3-12 $8, Seniors 60+ $8 no reserved seating. Ticket sales will start April 1st Please purchase your tickets early, we do sell out!

Rehearsal Week at the studio:

 Two weeks before the recital our schedule changes to accommodate rehearsals. if your child is no participating in the recital the last day of regular classes will be April 18th.

All students are required to be at their rehearsal week time slot which will most likely be a different schedule than normal class times. a schedule will be given to you by February 18th.


Dress Rehearsal Week at the Theater:

Dress rehearsal is mandatory for all participating students. If your child is not there, he/she will not be able to perform. More information and times for dress rehearsal will be posted in advance. Rehearsals are not open to Guests.



If you choose to participate in the recital, recital/costume fees must be received no later than January 18th. Orders will not be accepted without it! Costumes and materials will be ordered on January 20 -30 Any costume orders placed after this date will be charged a $25.00 late charge and we do not guarantee that they will arrive on time.


Costume Exchange / Refund Policy:

There are NO refunds or credits on costumes. We work very hard to make sure the measurements we take are accurate. We have a great track record for ordering costumes that fit corectly. If your costume arrives and is either too small or too big,  We will work with our seamstress to fix the costume. If a costume requires a lot of work we will discuss with you the charges required for fixing the costume.


Dances for the recital will be started in class during January or February, so from there on out please try to keep up a good attendance record. Make-up classes are ineffective due to specific choreography of each class. Attendance in your classes during the last month is mandatory. Excessive absences or missing your last classes before the recital is unfair to classmates and may result in student’s ineligibility to perform regardless of costume purchased. Thank you for understanding.



We will need parent Volunteers to help run the show. Your participation will be essential. We will post volunteer signup sheets closer to the recital.



Backstage/dressing rooms:During the recital, the students will be secured backstage and not permitted to exit until the intermissions. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students will be required to be signed in and out by parent or a designate. Child safety must be placed before convenience. Please allow extra time in your scheduling.



Recital pictures will be taken by Zoe Zimmerman, a professional Photographer. Pictures will be taken at her studio on April 18 & April 19. As it gets closer more information will be given as to prices and time slot sign up.



This year we would like to honor our dancers who have done something note worthy, or who will be doing something noteworthy over the summer. in the past we have honored graduating students, students who are dancing in summer intensives, students who have received a school honor, students who have been invited to participate in national functions etc. In an effort to make sure that we do not miss acknowledging any of our dancer’s accomplishments, we ask that you fill out the award request which can be picked up in the office or from a teacher. requests will be due by April 13.


Recital Program Ads: Congratulate your Dancer or Advertise your business in our recital program. More information to follow.Information will be posted at the studio, online at our website, and will be given to each participant. Ads due by April 13th