A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is an American classic, full of tradition and nostalgia. For most of the folks surrounding Charlie, the holiday season is a time of joy, anticipation, and excitement, but not for Charlie. This year Charlie Brown feels melancholy as he wrestles internally to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Is this special time all about shopping and presents or is there more to the reason for the season? Join us in afestive dance celebration, inspired by the music of the iconic Vince Guaraldi Trio, as we follow Charlie and the Peanuts gang on a journey to uncover the heart and soul of Christmas. 



Performance Dates: December 13th 5:30 PM & December 14th 2:30 PM

We will have 3 winter showcase performances.:

  • Friday, December 13th 10:00 AM “school show” these classes are invited to perform for the Eno school kids. It is not required but highly encouraged. Please notify your teacher right away if you will not be able to perform during the morning. Students will be supplied with a letter and information packet To give their schools so that they may miss the morning.
  • Friday, December 13 5:30 PM “Cast A”. This means they will only dance in the first show. 
  • Saturday, December 14 2:30 PM “Cast B” meaning they will only dance in the second show 
  • some classes will be cast in both shows

Performance Location: Enos Garcia Auditorium

Performance Commitment Date: November 1

Performance Requirements: In order to participate in our winter showcase, dancers must be registered for classes October through December. Each class will learn one dance to perform in the show, dances will be taught in their regular class time. There is no registration fee, recital fee or costume fee for this performance. Students will be costumed from studio stock costumes and will not be allowed to keep their costumes.




November 15th- Last day to confirm inclusion in the performance

November November 25-30- No Regular Classes, Fall Break

December 1st- Tickets on sale. 

December 11th- 4:00-7:00- Dress Rehearsal Cast A. No Regular Classes

December 12th- 4:00-7:00- Dress Rehearsal Cast B. No Regular Classes

December 13th- 10:00 AM Performance at Enos Garcia

December 13th- 4:00 call, 5:30 PM Cast A Performance. 

December 14th- 12:30 call, 2:30 PM Cast B Performance



Performance Handbook

Ballet Bun tutorial

Basic Stage make-up Tutorial (Childrens Division)

Stage make-up tutorial (Junior and Senior Division)