What will my kiddo be learning?Swimmers will learn to be comfortable and safe in/around water. Swimmers will learn a variety of skills to help them become successful swimmers. 


  • Safe entry into the pool

  • Blow bubbles underwater 

  • Float on back

  • Float on stomach

  • Kick on back

  • Kick on stomach

  • Kick on side 

  • Proper swimming arm technique 

  • Swim with arms and legs

  • Jump into the pool and swim back to the side

  • Jump into the pool and rotate into a back float

  • Swim 25 yards with proper swimming technique


What do I need to bring? Swimmers will need to bring a swimsuit, goggles, and towel. 

What kind of goggles should I purchase? Swimmers must provide their own goggles. We require all swimmers to have goggles WITHOUT a nose piece. Swimmers will need goggles that only cover their eyes. 

What time should I arrive? Because our lessons are only 30 minutes long we ask swimmers to arrive 10-15 minutes early to their lesson. To ensure your swimmer gets the maximum instruction time please have them ready (suit/goggles on) 5 minutes beforehand.


I signed up for the wrong time,Can I change? In the instance that you signed your swimmer up for the wrong lesson time you must sign up and re register for a new time. Please contact Coach Abbi at [email protected] for a refund for the original lesson time. 


Do you have bathrooms for my swimmer to change? We have locker rooms and family restrooms designated for changing. 


Do you have showers? We have showers for the swimmers to use in the locker rooms. However, PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS. If you have a younger swimmer who needs to shower, we have showers on deck for families to use. 


Can I sign up for 1 hour of lessons? No, we do not allow swimmers to take two 30 minute lessons back to back in the same session. 1 hour is too long of a time for the swimmers to pay attention. Swimmers may only sign up for one 30 minute option per session. 

EX: Swimmers CANNOT do lessons at 11:00 am and 11:30 am in session 1.

However swimmers can do lessons at 11:00 am in session 1 and 11:30 am in session 2. 


Do yall have make-up lessons? If needed, make-up lessons will be held on Fridays. Make up lessons are only offered if Tyler Rose Aquatic Club cancels the lesson. Make up lessons will not be offered based on personal reasons of the swimmer or family.


Where can I watch? We have designated bleachers on the pool deck for parents to sit and watch the lessons. 


How many swimmers per instructor? We keep the swimmer to instructor ratio as small as possible. Most of the time your swimmers will be with 1-2 other swimmers. 


Do I get in the water with my swimmer? No, only the swimmer will get in with the instructor.